A Supercharged New Years Resolution We All Need.

New Years Resolution

It’s another new year and that means that a large portion of us have decided to make big changes to our lives. We’ve committed to making new years resolutions to inspire us to another level. I wanted to share one with you. it’s a supercharged new years resolution that we all need! It’s something I believe deeply

The speed of time.

The motivation for a new year resolution doesn’t last. You won’t be feeling this way in three weeks time by default. To maintain that level of fresh determination, requires effort and a plan. It requires a clear and concise goal which you cannot take your eyes off, not even for one second.

I know my purpose in life is to change, motivate, inspire, uplift, to positively impact, to really make people wake up from the slumber of automation of life. It’s to liberate ourselves from the default settings we so often find ourselves living in. Today, I’m reminding you of that.

It won’t happen on it’s own. It requires intervention and you are that intervention. You need to intervene with yourself and when you see that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. It’s time to stop for the solution outside of yourself and realise it’s been within you all this time.

Now that you’ve had given the new year a few days to pass by, are you already feeling it wane? Pay attention to that, and realise it won’t last unless you decide you’re doing to do something to give it continuity or momentum.

Continuity and momentum

Momentum and continuity are the key. The best analogy I can offer to understand it better is the gym comparison. You can’t just go to the gym once and expect to be fit. You have to go daily. The same applies to your mind. You have to develop mental fitness and that requires daily training.

So now that you’re feeling fantastic, charged and determined for this new year, don’t stop there! The daily battles will never end. You have to fight the good fight each and every single day.

Make a plan to harness all this fresh power and use it now to make a concrete plan to keep it going. As you wake up each morning remind yourself of it. Have it written down, set it as your morning alarm or having it as daily reminder.

Our lives are stuffed with notifications and we’re overloaded with them, but now is the time to add in the ones you need to see every single day and at the most important time.


So remember the reason your new years resolution won’t last is because it needs to be supercharged daily. You need to intervene and train you mind daily just as you would your body. You need to make it into a clear and concise goal so that you get momentum.

Make sure with your new years resolution you inject fresh powerful continuity into it each and every single day and you don’t rely on anything being a given, or something default we can expect.

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  1. Guy @ Human Growth Lab says:

    This was a really useful post. I agree with you completely that momentum is key. It’s crazy how much further you get when you get momentum and when you keep going with it, and, conversely, how quickly things can stop if you don’t keep the momentum going.

    The trouble with new year’s resolutions is they can feel so arbitrary. It’s good to make new year’s resolutions part of a bigger picture. I started thinking about using a new year’s resolution essay to do this. By writing an essay down rather just talking about your resolutions, it helps keep them in your mind and why you want to keep to them.

    Thanks again!

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