7 Vital Things To Remind Yourself Of Every Single Day

Vital Things To Remind Yourself Of

My memory is no where close to being perfect, in fact many have described it as being poor. I don’t mind though, because as much as it can be annoying, it can be equally beneficial.

For example, I forget quite quickly about the things that people have done to piss me off, or any other transgressions. 😛

What was I talking about?…Oh yes…I remember 😆

However, it does mean though I tend to forget important things at the times when it matters most. I do set reminders on my phone, write things down but there is no substitute for simply having a list and just reading it daily.

We make many lists. We make lists of bills to pay, chores that need to be done, but do you have a list of the truly important things that support your well-being?

Therefore, I invite you to share my list and use it for yourself to remind yourself of the truly important things every day.

1. You are more than just your job title or the amount you earn

We place so much importance on our job titles and how much we earn that we let it define who we are and how we feel. The ONLY thing that matters is that you enjoy your vocation. Nothing else matters. When you truly enjoy what you do, everything else will fall into place.

2. Being grateful for the smallest of things

In the morning, find at least one thing you’re truly grateful for. It doesn’t matter what it is, just find one simple thing. The taste of a particular food, a certain smell, your annoying little sister 😛 etc, whatever it may be. Just pick one thing and give thanks.

3. Everything is connected

Remember that everything in the universe is connected. We are all connected to everything else. There is no separation. Do unto others, and it is done unto you because you are connected.

4. You have the power to choose how to respond to life

Every event that occurs, you have a choice in how you respond to it. Never forget that. We sometimes may just react to circumstances out of habit, but it need not always be that way. You can choose, so remember that fact as often as you can.

5. To meditate, smile and enjoy simple things

My daily train journey is one of the few times I get to meditate. For some reason, I enjoy meditation more when I’m in motion. I use that time as much as is possible to meditate, and enjoy the small and simple things.

6. God, Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, are all the same being personified by ourselves

I truly doubt there is supreme being out there that minds what she is called. Just remember we are all one family on this tiny planet. Don’t separate yourself from others just because they and you have adopted different cultures. There is one supreme being out there that links us all.

7. To remain centered.

This is something I’ve been speaking about a lot as of late; remaining centered. I constantly remind myself to remain centered. Sometimes I forget and then I remind myself to return to my center.

Use this list, print it out, keep it with you and use it to remind yourself of these very basic, and yet important principles of life.

4 Responses

  1. Shubham Somani says:

    yes,that’s right …..this things have to remind to the every single person……i also never think about such things but after reading your post i aware about this…..

  2. John M says:

    Great advice! When you think of these things it helps to remind you what is important in life, Thanks for sharing!

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