Surround Yourself With Inspirational People

As Gandhi said; “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” It is quotes like this from people who have made a difference in this world that has inspired me to be a better person.

Even more so than that, the people who I am in contact with on a daily basis are the ones who inspire me the most. Generally I am quite motivated, but I always seem to meet people who are full of life and have an aim to better themselves or make a difference somehow!

I have had the good fortune to have been surrounded by inspirational people throughout my life. The question I ask myself is, where would I be today if it wasn’t for these people? Would I still be as motivated?

I have to conclude that I probably wouldn’t. I once heard somewhere that; “the company you keep colours you” and it is very true! Almost everyone I know is very ambitious and self driven and this in a way keeps me going to. It almost creates and element of friendly competition without the ego.

I was with a dear friend last night and we were exchanging ideas on business opportunities and he was also helping me to create a new website. He is artist by profession by by teaching himself new skills he also set up his own web design company. Just watching how professional he treated our interaction yesterday also gave me a sense of greater responsibility in the work that I do.

This is just one example of many but it is the same story with all of my friends and acquaintances and being in their company has meant that I have aspired to be better. If these people were not around and I was with a crowd that was lazy and had no concept of self-betterment then once again I would be coloured by them and would probably not be where I am today.

In conclusion I would say to anyone, be mindful of who you keep as company. If they are choking your potential, move away from them and know that you can be much better. If you truly believe and want to become a better person, then that strong desire will bring other, more inspirational, people in your life. People who you can talk business with, or talk spirituality with or debate the wonders of the cosmos!

As well as looking to others, of course, be an inspiration too. Choose to be a better you, there is nothing stopping you except yourself.

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