This is delicate point of view and guest article by the lovely Kalm Cloud9

I’ve been on a spiritual path for some time, and although I have so much more to learn, I have noticed certain things which have challenged me at a deep level. My journey has taken me through Hinduism, Sikhism, the spiritualist Church, Christianity, Buddhist teachings, and now I believe in the universal divine energy. This has been a religious and spiritual experience, of which there is a massive difference between the two. The religious journey offering a business typology, of restrictions, controls, and hierarchy. Cool!!!  If this makes you happy, then so be it! The purpose of this article is not to challenge you on this concept, but to offer it as a form of comparison to the real issue I have been facing.

As mentioned, I have been a part of various spiritual, yoga, reiki and meditations groups, and are naturally drawn to them because of their focus on tapping into universal energy opposed to worshipping deities, essentially working on the self to heal all. This understanding focuses on embedding unconditional love, to yourself and others. I’m fully aware that we are spiritual beings having a human existence, and as such need to balance the self-awareness and awakening process. We can all have unconditional love, but if we are not self-aware, we will get walked over!

These groups offer fantastic knowledge and support, however ALL have levels of superiority and dominance.

Through exploring religions, I found discrimination filtered by caste systems and social status, but expected that. However, I now found the same in the spiritual groups I was attending, to my surprise, it was based on what planet you were supposed to be from, or based on your energy level, etc !!! I have been frustrated by numerous conversations of how someone deems themselves to have a higher vibration or more advanced level of spirituality. Are we not therefore creating our own cosmic caste system?

The promotion of all religious and spiritual movements is one of unconditional love, surly it is therefore wrong to promote hierarchy in such groups?

Is a heavenly presence truly trying to further divide people, by their perceived celestial heritage?

No ‘one human being’ is better than the next, and isn’t that the fundamental learning of unconditional love? To not balance our prejudice and classification systems to that of celestial and spiritual human beings.

Are we looking at spirituality as a measure of our own gratification, looking for the check points to see how far we have come? In my limited experience and understanding of spirituality, each person I’ve met including my own personal account, shows that each day is a lifetime in itself. We are challenged each day, and in every moment you have to make choices, which are either in alignment to your soul or abrasive to it. It is within these moments that we decide who and what we are…I assume the ultimate goal is to widen the flux of the divide. But every human being is challenged every day on that level, so in my understanding no ‘one human being’ is better than the next in terms of spiritual development. We all just have very good intentions, and we are all doing our best to remain on track.

Maybe there is a system up there in the heavens, where everyone has assigned responsibilities and reports up to their seniors (sounds like a business, right!)  I have no authority on the matter, but I would assume the ‘employees’ of such a system do not see hierarchy and power and levels, they just see universal truth and love, and that each soul has a purpose, and they are currently fulfilling theirs in the afterlife. Who knows!

I would hope that the journey of the human species is similar to us driving in one big colorful van, and we are all sitting on different seats, talking and interacting with different people, all having a crazy time, some laughs, some tears….all traveling together, yet all going in the same direction. But our individual experience of that journey is different because of where we sit and who we interact with.

Although I am tired of hearing how one person perceives themselves better then the next based on their perceived divine performance targets, I find it mildly amusing to watch the dynamics of humans within spiritual practice. I have reviewed Gudwaras, Mundhas, Churchs, spiritual groups, met spiritual people….and all preach true unconditional love, and yet most do so with a wagging finger, constantly disapproving of you falling foul of not confirming to the group.

It’s a small sample, and I do not claim to have the final word on all spiritual groups, it’s just an observation.

Humans – get out of your own way!

Love and light – Kalm Cloud9

5 Responses

  1. Kavita says:

    🙂 Great points!

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Kalm Cloud9,

    I just wanted to welcome you and let you know my thoughts on this subject of hierachy, and not just in the spiritual sense, but in every type of scenarion.

    Whether it be corporate, spiritual or another kind of hierachy, it is all largely false. We are all born naked, and we all have to die some day. Nothing will change that and the illusions of power, are just that, illusions.

    We are all equal. we may not be all equal at all times and all stages of our lives, but that’s only on the outside – On the inside, it is only choices that differentiate us.

    All the best,


  3. Bidy Martin says:

    Very thoughtful and thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed this posting. It is amazing in these times we are still struggling with this “my truth is better than your truth” mentality. Thank you for this post!


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