10 Superlative Movies That Will Expand Your Consciousness

superlative movies

I’ve been involved on the path of self discovery for over 20 years. A common component of being on this path is people approaching me and asking if I’ve been, in some way brainwashed, by all those books on personal development that I’ve read, or the seminars that I’ve attended.

My answer to that simple question I give to them is, “absolutely not because I have you on my side to make sure I look at both sides of the argument.” 😉

I love having people in my life that remind me to remained centered and not always take everything at face value. When presented with any kind of new knowledge, I take a good look at myself to see whether I’m taking in the information in an informed, conscious way, and not just blindly accepting what I’m told.

That is important to me, and it is with that, I bring to you 10 superlative movies that will truly help to take your consciousness to another level.

Keep an open mind, but also stay consciously aware of the information you’re taking on board. These movies are not there to convince you of anything or to force you to think a certain way.

They are there to help you you to expand your consciousness and expand what you know about the world and how powerful as an individual you are.

Take a weekend out, grab some healthy organic popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

  1. Thrive

  2. The first one I would like to introduce you too, is one I just discovered yesterday called Thrive. I must admit, in the first 30 minutes I thought to myself “what the heck have I allowed myself to watch?” But, as I continued to watch, I started to understand clearly where this movie was coming from. One thing I will say to you is, before watching, keep an open mind.

  3. Neale Donald Walsch – Abundance

  4. Although not a movie, rather a filmed workshop, I would truly recommend watching this talk by the man responsible for the Conversations With God series of books. This talk on abundance is one of the most simple tidbits of wisdom on being abundant. The key message – be the source of what you want and give it away.

  5. Conversations With God

  6. If you have not read any of the Conversations With God books, you can watch this lovely movie starring Henry Czerny who plays Neale in the movie and tells the story of how the books came about. It was the book that saved me around 15 years ago when I too was going through a deeply troubling time, which I talked about here. – https://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/power-of-choice/my-suicide-attempt/

  7. Zeitgeist

  8. If you are new to the Zeitgeist Movies, and if you are religious, prepare to have your faith put to the test. These movies by Peter Joseph are incredible and worth a watch.

  9. Zeitgeist Addendum

  10. In this move, the focus is more on the economy and current state of affairs across the globe. The first 20 minutes goes into basic economics and the premise of money. A real eye opener if you don’t know where money really comes from. So if you are a capitalist – prepare to have your faith in money tested! 😉

  11. Zeitgeist Moving Forward

  12. This movie in the series brings together all the information from the first two movies and takes a look at some of the alternatives and how we can survive and move on as a species. I particularly like the ideas Peter puts forward if we found another Earth, and could start from scratch, what could we do to create a long term, sustainable plan for the species to both survive and thrive.

  13. The Secret

  14. The Secret has been around for a long time and it went from being something incredibly popular to something incredibly criticised. For me, it didn’t dilute the core key message, and that is what is still extremely important to absorb.

  15. The Metaphysical Secret

  16. Similar to The Secret, this movie aims to take the understandings of the Law of Attraction to a deeper level and move it more away from the subject of money and apply it to our lives as a whole. It aims to redress the balance that you can just think something and have it. It’s about combining the power of attraction and hard work.

  17. What The Bleep Do We Know

  18. Are you as fascinated by the fact that we’re made from stuff so tiny, which is mostly just empty space, and the implications of that knowledge, as I am? If so, then this movie is just for you.

  19. What The Bleep – Down The Rabbit Hole

  20. Down the rabbit hole is a deeper look at the world of Quantum Mechanics and how exactly that relates to us has human beings, the effect of our consciousness on the physical world and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy all of them and over to you. Have you seen any movies that have shifted your consciousness and opened your mind into seeing things differently? If so please share them in the comments.

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  1. salifuj says:

    This list is very comprehensive and i will need to check them out later. Its very interesting what the movies can do to our minds.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Salifuj,

      Thank you so much for your comment, indeed it is. It’s funny how these things can come into your life at a specific time. Hope you enjoy them.


  2. Fahad says:

    interesting work u have done 🙂

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