New Book By Milan: Human

I’m very excited and honoured to be able to bring to you the latest book, by my dear old friend, Milan Bakrania who also wrote The Emissary.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but Milan told me a little about the plot about a year ago and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it ever since. I’m getting my copy in the post any day now!

Without further ado, some words from the Author the book and a little teaser…

“The time is 10:34 in the evening, and these are the last days of the human race!”

These chilling words came to me one night during a trip to India forming the foundations of a riveting plot. I was supposed to be taking a break from my novels at the time, though it was becoming increasingly difficult to suppress the onslaught of creative thoughts. Inspiration was coming from all directions. In the days that followed, we travelled through the city, taking in the sights and sounds, observing the architecture, smelling the grit of pollution mixing with the strong aroma of freshly brewed tea and salty snacks, emanating from the many roadside stalls.

During my visit, one thing that disturbed me was the divide between the rich and poor. On one side, lavish mansions sprang from the ground. Families, barely draped in cloth slept on the streets just inches from roaring traffic on the other side. Within these confines, ranging from the wealthy to the struggling, were the infamous middle-class, and it was this group of people that caught my attention. (Little did I realise, my protagonist was developing like a foetus!)

One day, we explored an ancient water-tower on the outskirts of the city. The workmanship was exquisite, but it was the atmosphere that opened the gates of my mind. It was eerie and quiet, though at times loud school children would run down the stairs towards the main well before blending into the silence themselves. I reached out and touched an elaborate fresco etched into the stonework. I had my location!
That evening, I sat down to write. A week later, I had a draft outline of a tale that not only astounded but also educated me about the potential of the human spirit, and so it was decided, the book would be titled Human, and would be compiled as a collection of diary entries, written from the point of view of the protagonist and spread over an adrenaline pumping week.

Set in a world festering with crime and disease, Human charts the journey of a cleaner named Zenith Soni, as he searches for his friend who has mysteriously vanished. But things are not what they seem. Zenith becomes embroiled in something mysterious and unexplainable, and ends up on a boat heading into the open ocean. What he stumbles upon is nothing short of remarkable, and, before you ask, I’m not going to reveal any more! 😀

But there is one thing I can share. It’s a powerful passage which serves as the underlying theme of the book. It comes in the latter half of the story, when Zenith uncovers the bigger picture. He says:
“All this time I thought the end of the world was just around the corner. War, crime, viruses, murders, kidnappings, financial instability…it’s all I heard about, it’s all I knew. But what if there’s more, hidden under the radar, in villages, cities and towns all over the world…eager to shine…little sparks of imagination…little gods…ready to create new worlds!”

He’s talking about perception and how all of us, without exception, have the ability to shine. But, as with all things, this is only true if you believe it to be.

Thank you for reading.

HUMAN is available in paperback and as an eBook from all major retailers.

ISBN : 9781783062539
Published by Matador/Troubador (UK)
Author link :

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  1. Milan Bakrania says:

    Thank you so much for posting this on your site bro.

    The honour is mine. : )

    I’m getting so much feedback from all over the place, this will help big time! You’re a star! Can’t thank you enough!


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