Interview And Beditation

I had my interview yesterday on the Inspire a nation radio show with Elliot Kay who himself is a fellow Radio Presenter and Life Coach. The hour went by so quickly and we unded up speaking so much he has invited me back again so that we can continue where I left off.

One of the project or goals that Elliot has set himself is to get 1,000,000 listeners to the show so if you haven’t already do check out his website and look him up on facebook too.

I do this feature on my radio show called beditation which is kind of like a mock meditation for people that are still in bed! 😛 I do this just for fun and what we do is do it to focus all our vibez in one direction so whether that be to change the weather, for someone to get good grades in their exams, for good luck on a date or anything crazily of the like!

How does that tie in? Well yesterday Elliot himself asked me and as did one of the listeners to the show what my goals are for the future and I was inspired by a new vision on Friday just as I happened to be driving along to play a game of badminton. One theme that is common among all the books I’ve by all the masters like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra or John DeMartini is that they Meditate and then something occured to me.

I used to be a meditation teacher many years ago and only learned one type of meditation but I realised what I hugely powerful tool it can be. So the inspired vision that occured to me was very simple: I want meditation to be introduced in every school in the UK and possibly even the globe! I want meditation lessons to be as compulsory as learned to read or learn math.

Meditation is such an import skill to learn. Often the term ‘Meditation’ itself can been seen to have a religious attitude associated with it but let me make this clear that meditation is something everyone on the planet already does. They just do it in a very unfocussed way and so the challenge is bringing that skill to everyone so that they can make full use of it. Meditation is skill and tool to channel the mind. It’s a way of just for a few moments each day harnessing your internal creative engine and focussing it in a particular area. It’s easy to do and teach and all it needs is you…nothing more! You can use music as an aid but it isn’t necessary.

So there is a new inspired vision I have to bring a practical form of meditation into the education system to the point where it becomes a core part of the curriculam as learning to read and write.

Watch this space for more on this in the future!

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    Superb Read: Interview And Beditation #inspiration

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