How To See Beyond The Body And To The Spirit

I’ve always been a firm believer that attaching labels to the body and limiting ourselves as a result of those labels has the potential to create constraints in not only our attitude to other people but also the way we interact with other souls and the way we think about ourselves. So recently I made a conscious decision coupled with the effort to put aside any labels the we associate with the human body and remember each individual as a being made of non-corporeal energy. A spirit, a soul, an angel, whatever you wish to call them, that was the vision I attempted to see everyone with. I also remembered that all beings are part of the body of God all interconnected through this massive energy field that we live in, that we call, the Universe. I’ve had this belief from a very young age and I recently put my mind to work on ways that this could benefit myself and others.

So the first question you might obviously have is why? Why even bother doing this at all? The reason is that looking at people a different way other than just their physical bodies opens up a whole new world of possibilities without limitations. Also what this will do is create relationships, in general, on an equal level with everyone that you encounter. As much as I respect and honour any individuals choices and will acknowledge them how they choose to see themselves, I know from my personal experience what works best when it comes to interacting with people. In my mind it is because of the many many labels that we attach to our physical forms that many tensions and problems around the world arise. For example, the most obvious one is skin colour, we all know what kind of effect that can have on attitude of a person when they have the thought “I’m brown skinned and that person is white and so we’re different and brown skinned people are generally like this and white people are generally like that” etc etc. I hear these kinds of words on a daily basis and for me, it achieves only 2 things, animosity and a feeling of distance or separatness. Seeing someone that way and feeling that way about them serves no purpose for me or the other person what so ever. Thinking of them as a spiritual being enabled me to feel complete equality between me and the other person. It also allowed me to be loving with great ease.

It isn’t always possible to do that with every person that I saw while I was driving down the road or while I was walking along the street so when I first started this exercise I decided to try it with 10 people, then 20 the next day and so far I’m on about 100 people a day. Obviously I’m not keeping an exact count but what I’m trying to do is create a habit within my thinking to see people that way.

So the next question is how? Well at first I decided to actually think these following words when I looked at someone: “This being in front of me is a being of incorporeal energy, that being is me and is the body of God. Secondly I visualised their body as a body of light, almost like how you might see a ghost in a movie. I’ve been practising this for the last week and so far I’ve noticed some interesting results:

1. I feel much more confident and relaxed in my interactions with others. Because of the equality that I feel, it’s become much easier and enjoyable interacting with people.
2. I feel like I have a lot more time and energy to give to people. I literally feel more physically energised and I feel much happier in the process
3. I also feel much lighter and open to people. I notice now clearly how restricted my behaviour was with others compared to now.
4. It also seems to be having an effect on other people too. Just today I’ve had two strangers say hello to me as they were walking by. That never usually happens on my day to day basis, I can’t conclusively attribute it to this exercise but like I said, it seems to be having an effect.

I will continue practising this on an ongoing basis with the aim of making this process a habit and seeing other people as beings of light and energy and connected to me as I are to them. If you’ve never tried this before, give it a go, see for yourself the effect it has and what the results are for you! 🙂

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  1. Tasneem says:

    Very exciting thinking, Comrade. Removing the labels from one’s existence, surely helps interaction with oneself. But, it is the chemistry of social interaction that employed the lables first. What we need to focus on is, thus, reforms involving human communication in its basic form and philosophy. Would love to read more on this. Least I can say, yours is an extra-special experiment. Best of luck.

  2. Tasneem says:

    Thanks for the link back, brother. You are in my blogroll, too 😉

  3. Amit says:

    Hi Tasneem,

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments. 🙂 I understand what you’ve said and I will think about it deeper. This experiment is only a personal level. I don’t expect any changes on a grand scale so hence my reason for asking people to try for themselves to see the results. As for grander reforms on human communication, that like anything else, will come through experience, experimenting and education. If only a few souls try this and pass their experience forward, just imagine the domino effect.

    Thank you once again and I’ve created a link to your blog!

    Best wishes!


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