I read an absolutely amazing blog by Seawave on Remembering Love and it inspired me to also write my first piece on love too.

Love is such a misused word in this day and age and I do get frustrated sometimes when it used as a tool for selfish gain.

Love is the most simple, beautiful, energetic, open, natural emotion in the universe! Love is not something tangible that you can give away, love is what you are, love is your state of being. Even whilst being with my partner, I never felt that it was something that could ever be expressed through words but only shown through action, emotion and passion. (Although I still say it now and again!) 🙂 However love is not reserved for the one who you spend time with romantically. Love is unconditional for all and if love is reserved for a few then it cannot be love because it comes with conditions.

This creation that is in front of us, the heavens, the earth, the universe, the oceans, the abundance of life is all interconnected in a glorious way yet to be discovered. What an amazingly wonderful challenge lies ahead of us to unlock the mysteries of existence. Whether this creation happened by accident or was intentional matters not, what matters is that it is so amazing that how can you have anything but love for it. There is so much diversity , so much variety and so much to explore and enjoy that I cannot feel anything but love for it. There are times when I struggle to see the beauty but that sense of relativity always brings me back my initial conclusion that it is all beautiful in it’s own way. I feel for those who suffer but without the suffering there would not be this amazing love and compassion that one can feel. If all was perfect there would be no glory in performing action through compassion and love.

Have love for your path and if you do not then make a choice to change that which you do not love. Love is without definition as it is too grand for words but all I know is that it is the highest feeling, the greatest vision, the most selfless compassion, the biggest smile, the most amazing gesture…I could go on.

The most important thing about love, is to love thyself. If you truly have love for you then it will naturally permeate the entire universe and will be without effort. So do not aim to love others, love yourself, in a selfless way and all else will be naturally occuring phenomenon.

The great thing about love is that it is a universal concept as opposed to God. To me, the are one and the same but that isn’t the case for everyone. Love will always be something that is accepted by most people and most cultures and tasted with a similar flavour.

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  1. seawave says:

    Beautiful reflections on love, my favorite topic :). I thank you for the honor of the mention and forgive me as I try to catch up on my blog reading which I have fallen desperately behind in.

    It is when we truly surrender our own ego and our own need that we can fully extend the purest of love to any and all we come in contact with. It is in this way that we may experience oneness and community with one another, and oneness with God.

    Thank you for your reflections….a beautiful read.

  2. Amit says:

    Thank you seawave! I’m glad you liked the post. It’s one of my favorite topics too and you don’t often get men talking about love so for some people it’s been a pleasant surprise! 😀

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