From time to time I will be posting up some of the thoughts and images that have either occured to me during meditation or thoughts and methods that you can use during meditation.

For those that are new to meditation, it is simply a process of thought, silent reflection, quiet time, or anything that you choose it to be that brings benefit to you. I’ve been practising meditation for nearly 15 years and as it has no set definition. For me, it’s an opportunity for silent reflection, a chance to recharge my spiritual battery, and a place in my head where creation takes place.

There are so many different forms of mediation that it would take absolutely ages to try and cover them all, the best thing is, to try some for yourself and see what works for you, or even make up your own kind of meditation.

There are a few particular things that I like doing for meditation;

1. I find a quiet place to sit, relax, close my eyes, and begin my process in whichever form I choose.
2. To quiet my mind, I firstly focus on something physical, like my breathing, and just focus my breathing into a steady pace. I also like to keep my body occupied by rotating prayer beads between my fingers as this helps to keep my mind off any physical distractions.
3. Once I have settled, I can then focus on my mind, and the soul and begin the process of affirmation, reflection, or creation
4. There is no rule on how long you should meditate for. Just meditate for as long as you choose to!
5. Enjoy it! It’s not often these days that we get time for these periods of quiet reflection so make the most of it.

Meditation is beneficial for the body, the mind and the spirit and there is no limit to it’s power.

Like I said these things I do are just for me and the way I like to do meditation. Find your own way and experiment until you feel comfortable. 🙂

Post up your experiences of meditation if you wish!

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