Minute Meditations Part 2 – Streching Exercises For Your Mind

Minute meditations are a method through which you can empower yourself in many different way throughout the day. No matter how busy you are, no matter how much you have on your plate, you can always spare yourself a minute or two, 3 or 4 times a day to recharge your spirit. Remember, this is for your well being and so you will give as time and commitment to this in proportion to how important you feel your well being is to you. This is your life and your time, make it important to feel refreshed and to find time for yourself because before you know it, this thing called life, will seem way way distant in the rear view mirror.

For much of my day I sit at an office desk in front of a computer. Working in I.T. there isn’t anywhere else I have to be unless I have to fix some hardware or attend meetings. What I find is that after even just an hour or two of sitting in the same position, when it comes to getting up and moving around, I feel very stiff and brittle throughout my whole body. It takes me at least a few minutes to regain my full flexibility.

For reasons of health and safety, our HR department recommends that we have a change of activity every 30 – 45 minutes to make sure we are getting plenty of movement and not doing to much damage to the body through sitting still for so long. In front of a computer, you eyes can strain, you can get headaches, your joints can get stiff, you can get dehydrated but most importantly you can become very dull from the lack of movement. 😛

So what can you do during those few minutes free? Well for me, during those times where I change my activity, I have a number of minute meditations that I use to take my focus away from work for just a moment, and move it towards the bigger picture of human existence, as a whole, and the purpose of being. I try not to challenge myself with questions or bog myself down with proving what I feel to be true, I just allow myself to sink into the experience of being and enjoy the feelings of relaxed awareness and blissful communion with my innermost core.

I offer to you some suggestions and some of the momentary thoughts I use to regain alignment and enhance congruency with my being.

Thought 1 – As I sit here, I am aware that within this universe I am interconnected with every atom. I am a vibrational being and every atom of this body vibrates at a unique frequency just like each and every cell phone has a unique frequency. I know that my state of being will attract vibrational matches and so I, being the powerful creator that I am with unlimited choices, offer vibrations of love, happiness, peace, joy, caring, compassion to everything around me so that others around me feel the vibrations emanating from me. This in turn assists them in attracting vibrational matches.

Thought 2 – I am a 3 part being, a mind, a body and spirit. The body and mind are my tools for experiencing in this realm of the physical. I, the spirit, originated from a non physical plain and chose to inherit a body to come and experience the beauty of contrast within the physical dimension. This universe of relativity exists so that I experientially partake in that which I know of but have little experience in. I cannot know darkness without light; I cannot know happiness without sorrow. So I am grateful at all times to know the purpose of this physical see-saw.

Thought 3 – Every human spirit I encounter is a reflection of me just as I am a reflection of them. As I see each soul, I remember that we are ultimately one universal family. Skin colour, religion, nationality, languages, are all constructs of this social society but it is not the baseline of existence. These are just frames of reference and identity but ultimately we all originated with one purpose, with one desire, that is; to know ourselves through physical experience.

Thought 4 – At every single step I have a choice. I choose what to feel from one moment to the next. I choose how to perceive the world. Nothing shapes my perceptions other that those things that I have chosen to believe. I choose how I react to people, events and circumstances. No one is responsible for the way I feel except me. I have the power of choice. It is my greatest gift and is the most powerful force in the universe. No matter the outcome of my choices, I will remain empowered to know that I can choose something different the next time according to the purpose I’ve chosen for myself.

Thought 5 – I am extremely grateful to be here today. I am grateful for the joy of this experience. I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life which I get to be a part of everyday. I take nothing for granted and appreciate everything. I am thankful that I chose this particular journey. I thank my creator and maker for offering me the freedom of choice whether to be here or not and I’m glad I made the decision that I did.

These are just a few of the ones that I use on a regular basis and I encourage you to make up your own as you see fit. Make them light but something that has a profound impact on you. Think of new ones on a regular basis or just make them up as you go along. There are no hard and fast rules about how you can do this. Just a minute or two a couple of times a day to go deeper within yourself and you will feel more powerful that you have ever felt before and you will find yourself naturally more grateful for all your experiences. Have fun and make it a habit.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit…those are fabulous mini-meditations! I love them!

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Michelle,

    awwwww I’m glad you enjoyed them, I find them very powerful, not always set in stone but definitely powerful tools none the less. 🙂

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