Every Moment Is A New Beginning

New Beginning

Very recently, I made some mistakes.

My punishment was my conscience.

No one could make me feel as bad as I was already doing myself. It’s amazing how powerful and how leveling a conscience can be.

I made some more mistakes and the process repeated itself. We all make mistakes and we all have our ups and downs.

The best possible news in the world that anyone can give you is that today is a new day with endless possibilities.

No matter what you did yesterday, or what happened to you, you can do different today, or you can respond differently today.

Every day is a new beginning. Every moment is a new journey. I don’t just say this as hyperbole. It truly is. You can make a real change if yesterday was not as you wished it to be. Yesterday may be set in stone but today is not.

How can you make it different? It really is simple and that is by using this dormant power within you called the power of choice or the power of decision.

Let that power out for some fresh air so that you can have a different result to yesterday if that’s what you desire.

Today doesn’t have to be a repetition of yesterday and it’s tough to remember that sometimes, but it’s the truth.

“The present doesn’t equal the past.

Always remember this; no matter what happened yesterday, today is always a new day. What that means is an opportunity for new beginnings. Every moment brings with it the option of doing the same thing as yesterday, or trying something new; the choice is yours. So no matter what you did yesterday or what happened, it doesn’t have to be that way today. Make today new, fresh and do the same tomorrow!”

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  1. Swapnil mishra says:

    Hi main bhai.
    It’s swapnil mishra. I m regular viewer of ur Facebook page. Thanks for such valuable inspirations. We can create our present beautiful by applying theory of”Do it now”. Positive works always heal or soul n body to do more better for others. Thanks again to inspire us. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Swapnil,

      Awww it’s great to hear from you and thank you for commenting here too! You’re welcome and thank you for being a part of the great community too! It’s a pleasure to connect always! 🙂


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