Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool. What you use it for and how you use it is entirely up to you but it is worth understanding that the mind is both the product of and the creator of your surroundings. How can it be both? Quite simply, its a circle of observation and creation. But in this day and age observation is taking control of the creation and the trick to leading a more happier fulfilled existence is switching it around and making creation the first step and having observation as the result. How can you do this? Quite simply, create some powerful P.I.C’s in your mind!


Thoughts are constantly being thought and they cannot be switched off. What happens over time though is that our thoughts tend to become more automated. That’s not always a bad thing but it depends on what our thoughts have become automated to think. If you’ve habituated thinking about sadness and difficulties, then you perception aligns with those thoughts and that will be what you experience the most of. If you have habituated thoughts of ease, enjoyment, fulfillment then that’s what your perception will be and hence your experience.

I say this again and again that everyone is different and it is this diversity that makes this world a wonderful place to live. However having thoughts that aren’t condusive to your success will not benefit you or anyone else around you and so this process of changing your thoughts is a process of making, whatever experience you choose in life, a happier, more enjoyable experience.

So what is P.I.C’s? PICs is a way of slowly and consciously guiding the images in your head in a direction that gives you sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Throught the day you mind sometimes switches to auto pilot and you might end up day dreaming about your ideal scenario, a different place and time and doing something different! That’s good!! Being a Piscean I’m an accomplished day dreamer and I never realised until recently what a powerful tool that can be! What was happening though was that I was day dreaming but I didn’t end up having any control over what I was day dreaming about. Sometimes it would be useless things that didn’t benefit me in anyway. So gradually, over time, I began initiating the day dreaming with thoughts and images that I thoughts would be useful to me. e.g. Playing badminton like a pro! Giving a talk or seminar to corporate clients. These are just a few examples of things that are useful to me. After initiating the thought I found that I could then sink into the day dream as normal but because I started it off with something that I wanted, it ended up making me feel good and feel more confident at the things I wanted to improve about my life.

So now you’re asking, how does day dreaming help you? Well visualisation is a powerful tool in itself. It was Einstein that said that: “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of lifes coming attractions. In NLP, visualisation is a method of turning your aspirations into reality. The way that visualisation works is that the images you create will be the things that materialise, over time, for you! But the automation is extra powerful because the feelings come naturally along with the image sequence that you’ve sparked off and feelings are the attracting force that bring those things into your existence.

So, to begin the PICs process, initiate a sequenced, movie strip in your head of something that you want. Say, for example, you imagine giving an acceptance speech for winning some sort of award. Kick that off and if you mind strays, thats fine, restart from the beginning or where you left off, it doesn’t matter which. You can do this when just relaxing on the sofa, or while doing a mundane task, anytime and any place you wish! Allow the movie to unfold naturally but now and again stop the movie, adjust anything that you don’t like and then press “play” again! 🙂

Regular practise of this will enable you to automate the process to the point when you can kick this off whenever and wherever you like. I find this particularly useful when I’m lying in bed and I can’t sleep, or standing in a queue or if I’m doing a mundane task while I’m at the office. It’s entirely up to you what PICs you create but the most important thing is enjoy the experience. If you day dream naturally into something else, at least you know you have the knack for it and all you need to do from here is just initiate the guiding of your chosen movie sequence.

Have fun with this and let me know how you get on! 😀

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  1. Robert Waelder says:

    I love it. Reminds me of one of the processes I read about in Ask and it is Given called pivoting. It’s really difficult sometimes to unburden the mind of it’s useless gossip, but these exercises really do help. Thanks!

  2. MysticSaint says:

    excellent stuff.

    the suggestion that u gave is full of wisdom.

    and it explain also the ageless wisdom of prayer, that human beings are doing from time immemorial. its the psychology of the unconscious mind, when we pray we basically create the image of what we want

    and in doing it time and time again we basically change us within so that we can achieve it. God wants just that. He wants us to achieve our goals, because He is present in the prayer, in our wantings and also in our desires.

    thanks for the beautiful idea. i may share it in my blog as well.


  3. Amit says:

    Hi Robert, thanks for your comments! 🙂 Funnily enough I’m reading that section of the book at the moment but I hadn’t got up to the pivoting stage but I see exactly what you mean.

    Mystic, thank you also and yes please, share away on your blog also!! thank you!! 😉

  4. mrskin says:

    Yo blog is cool. I like the design!

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