Remember The Artwork Of Life

As much as I love having pictures and observing the great pieces of art around the world, I remembered today to observe the artwork of life. I remembered that the human body is unsurpassed in both it’s mechanical workings and it’s beauty.

Just this evening, I gazed up, and the stars were out. I could see my favourite constellation; Orion. It still truly blows my mind how these giant balls of gas appear to us as tiny specks of beautiful light, scattered across the canvas of the sky.

This morning I was out walking, it was calm and clear, hardly any cars around, I didn’t need my iPod with me as the birds were providing music to lift and inspire me.

The picture you see at the top of this blog is one I took on my birthday last year. It was one of the most serene sunsets I have ever seen. the light scattering of clouds added colour, depth and and made it one of the most awesome sights to see.

Yesterday I was in Hampstead Heath. A glorious park situated in North London, it has to be one of the pleasant places to be on a Sunday afternoon. There is one point in the park which is quite high up on a hill, and from that point you can see all of London in all it’s glory. The skyline with all the wondrous man made creations made it truly a site to see. I could only stand in awe!

On a day to day basis, look at all the spectacular pieces out there, take a moment, absorb the truly magnificent creations and take snapshots of those priceless works of art!

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  1. Tabs says:

    Amit, what a lovely description, I can almost (about 80%) say I was in Hampstead Heath yesterday. Thanks for painting a lovely picture.


  2. Amit says:

    Anytime Tabs, that’s one thing I do love about London, there are some magnificent parks around! 😀

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    Worth perusing…: Remember The Artwork Of Life #inspiration

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    Worth perusing…: Remember The Artwork Of Life #inspiring

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