The Stillness Theory Vs The Chaos Theory

Everyone talks about the chaos theory but very few venture into the world of stillness. There is an entire universe within the stillness that is to be explored.

On my daily commute I meditate where possible and remember that even during a time of huge chaos, during the rush hours, there is immense stillness to be discovered.

As I sat a bit squashed on the tube this morning I went into the that place of stillness which allows me to go beyond the mundane and appreciate and experience a universe which is separate to the one that most people are aware of.

If you truly still your mind you’ll start to feel very different. No longer will the chaos be your enemy. The chaos itself is the fuel the stirs your desire to journey to the undiscovered stillness.

The chaos is already there and very apparent so the only question is, how can you enter the universe of stillness which is parallel to the chaos?

All is takes is a very simple thought. Next time you find yourself immersed in the chaos, whether that be all things that are outside of your or even your very mind which is flooded with thoughts of the mundane, think:

“stillness in the chaos”.

That’s all your need to do. There are no addition magical techniques your require. All you need is that simple thought and you will automatically find yourself in parallel.

You will still be fully aware of the chaos and yet you will be in the universe of stillness.

So next time, in the rush and deluge of traffic, people and thoughts, bring that simple mantra into your mind and take a journey to a new universe.

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  1. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey bro, love this article. It’s so true, the stillness is around all the time. Even before the universe came into existence there was silence (or so they say!)..and that silence is innate in each and every living thing. Perhaps that is why meditation is so powerful and healing. Love the fb pics by the way, look at you chillin’ in the desert!!! : )

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan. Thank you for the reply and for your comment about the pictures. LA was fab.

      I love sitting in silence in the mornings. It really helps to shape my day. I even take the earlier trains so they’re quieter, I feel more at ease and it’s becomes even easier to connect with that stillness. 🙂

  2. Michele says:

    What a great article! I hope many people take your advice and embrace the silence and stillness amidst their perceived chaos. Focusing on breathing is also a fantastic way to break free of the chaos and find the stillness.
    Thanks again.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Michele, wonderful to hear from you! 🙂

      I often start of f with the breathing to help me begin that process and you’re right it’s the perfect way to connect with that stillness. 😉

  3. Bloom says:

    “that even during a time of huge chaos, during the rush hours, there is immense stillness to be discovered” I love this line. There so much to be said for this. I’m going to try and appreciate the stillness the next time I’m surrounded by chaos. and try to get into that parallel world.

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  2. September 4, 2012

    Oh yes chaos may prevail but inside I can be still and peaceful – practice makes perfect.

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