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One of My regular readers Schumi sent me this lovely quote, we’re not sure of it’s origins but it was so eloquent I just had to post it up.

“Love is the most important ingredient of success. Without it, your life echoes emptiness. With it, your life vibrates warmth and meaning. Even in hardship, love shines through. Therefore, search for love — because if you don’t have it, your not really living — only breathing.”

Even though it’s said over and over again, it can never be said enough, without love there is no purpose to life. Love is more important that breathing. Love is.

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  1. Michelle says:

    That is a really nice quote…something we should remember everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mark says:

    I think the critical thing to understand that love begins with us and is always available to us. Love and you will be loved. The law of attraction will make it so. There is no need to search for love.

  3. Schumi says:

    Certainly the Law of attraction will make it so, however we have to ask for it, think about it and make sure we are aligned with the Universe to receive what we have asked for.

    Searching for love means thinking about love, thinking about being loved, sending out these thoughts in a positive and consistent manner and patiently awaiting the outcome. At times it even amounts to taking the appropriate action.

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