The Perks Of Meditation

I love meditating, in some ways I exploit it to my advantage because I know that it carries with it some amazing power! (I’ve made it sound evil, but truly it’s not! :P)

Here are some of the perks of meditation that I’ve found over the 15 years I’ve been a practitioner.

1. Traffic jams and queues appear to move much much quicker!

This is so true and anyone who does this will know exactly what I’m talking about! When I’ve been caught in a major traffic jam or a long queue I, more often then not, meditate! It is the perfect time, because, lets face it, what else can I do? But if I get sucked into the emotions of stress and frustration I always feel like the queue or traffic jam takes 10 times longer and I get tired, I start to yawn, I slouch in my chair, I get back ache etc! However if I take control of my state, do some relaxing meditation, I find that the queue or jam almost vanishes in no time at all!

The type of meditation doesn’t matter. I vary it according to what I feel like doing. Sometimes I just focus on my breathing make sure I’m fully oxygenating my body. Obviously though, I would not do this method if it was a hot day stuck in a traffic jam as all I would be doing is breathing in harmful toxic emissions. If that were the case I would do some commentary style self talk internally and just do some visualising or just uplifting self talk. It truly doesn’t matter what type you do, but that focus will take your mind away from the situation and hand and your perception of time will change.

I also suggest that if you’re driving that you don’t close your eyes. You can meditate just as effectively with your eyes open just as well as when your eyes are closed. In fact, open eye meditation will improve your ability to focus in the long run and will give you the power to meditate any time, anywhere!

2. People will be much more naturally attracted to you!

Scientific studies have shown that meditation not only has beneficial positive effects on the body but on the mind too. When I’ve had powerful meditation, or even if I’m still in a meditative state while walking or carrying on with my day to day tasks, I find that people naturally get attracted to me and want to talk to me. Not only that but I find I get twice as many smiles and people are just much more responsive and friendly! Who knows what the true reasons for this are but all I know is because people are so much more responsive to me, it allows me to then share valuable information with people, such as the work I do or even tell them about meditation. Sometimes it even just ends up being a brief encounter with us both walking away with a smile! 😀

I suggest you try this for yourself, do some meditation every morning first thing when you wake up, any type you wish; commentary, chanting, breathing, or visualising. Watch the wonderful amazing effects unfold! You will find people smiling at you and greeting you even if they don’t know you! You will find that you have more of a reason to smile and that in turn will make more people smile at you and in turn your day will go much more smoothly!

3. It takes away the awkwardness of being alone!

I personally love alone time, but I know not everyone does. Lets say you’re in a restaurant with a friend or you partner and they have to visit the bathroom or they get called away by an important phone call. Now you can choose to pass away that time feeling uncomfortable alone or you can choose to be constructive with that time to yourself. If you choose the latter and yes, you’ve guessed, I’m gonna suggest meditation! 😆 In this particular scenario, I would suggest some creative visualisation or deep breathing, however, go for chanting if you have the confidence! 😉

Just like point 1, the time will fly by much quicker but you can be proud of yourself that you’ve done something very constructive with that time!

4. You will deal with the curve balls much more efficiently!

Meditation has the added side effect of giving you much more “inner strength.” You will find that generally you will be much more well equipped to deal with the unexpected curves in the road of life. You may be dumped by your partner, you may be given the sack at work, you may be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Somehow, because you have now made meditation a part of your life, these calamities will not seem as big as they once did. You will be emotionally more stable and generally find that you feel more happy for no reason! You will look these events square in the eye and say….”thank you” because you know that these events have come to you to make you grow. You will then be in a position to help others and share the wonder of meditation with those that need it the most!

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  1. R says:

    Hey Amit, what a thought provoking article. I personally really like meditating first thing in the mornings! i find that it puts me in a calmer state of mind and it helps put my thoughts in perspective. i think meditating also helps to balance out your emotions to and it makes you well more calmer! 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      I like your last line…”and it makes you well more calmer!” said like a true cockney! So what do you do when you meditate, what do you think about, any special techniques you use?

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