When Was The Last Time

without a phone nearby,
without music in the background,
without a computer in front of you,
without a book on your lap,
without the t.v. switched on,
without the radio playing,

…that you spent some time in silence?

All too often we drown out that inner conversation. It is this inner conversation which often ultimately shapes our lives. If we do not listen to it carefully, and fill it with voices from the outside, it is no wonder, than most people wander around confused about life, depressed and unable to make decisions.

The power of silence is phenomenal! Even if only, for a minutes a day, spend time on your own with no external input. Sit in a relaxed position and reflect on you life. Reflection happens automatically, but also let the reflection process take a break, and listen carefully deep inside. What can you hear?

5 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    I think I mentioned before that I spend most of my day in silence….I highly recommend it for people who have the opportunity to do it. 🙂

  2. Mital says:

    Great topic Amit. Silence fills you with joy and peace. It should be practiced as much as possible. 😀

  3. Amit says:

    Hey Mital, It’s very true, I always feel greatly empowered when I spend quality time in silence.

  4. Amit says:

    That’s great Michelle, do you ever find you need some variety though or would you that your preference is for the majority of the time to be in silence?

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