Personal Growth – 3 Advanced Accelerator Tools

I had a wonderful response from my last article and decided to get inspired to write a follow up. These tools are things that we naturally do anyway but these articles are a way of bringing them to your attention so that you can do them more consciously and use them at will.

So I decided to get into my inspired state and see what else would come to me. That brings me straight onto my first part of my 3 advanced accelerator tools.

1. Inspired State

Flash moments of inspiration occur for us all but how often can you dictate when and where that moment of inspiration occurs for you? You may not always be in that state 24/7 but what you can do is establish your mechanism for getting yourself into that state frequently and at your own behest. Think back to a time when you were in an inspired state where ideas came to you easily and naturally. Now find the key elements of the process and replicate them here and now. Once you find those key elements you are in a position to get into that state at crucial moments for your life.

2. Flow

Flow is when you get into the stream of doing without conscious thought being present. Your conscious awareness can even be elsewhere while your subconscious becomes the main driver. Time also ceases to have it’s place when you’re in your flow state. Your flow state in many ways is similar to dreaming. No one taught you how to dream. It’s just something which is inherent within all of us. The same goes for flow state and is the most natural feeling during any task or activity to be in; when everything just flows seamlessly. Think back to a time when you had such a moment and spot the pattern that got you into your flow state. If you can’t think of one think back a time possibly when you were revising for exams and you were so focussed that when you look up at the clock 4 hours and passed as if it was just an hour or so.

3. Internal Wisdom

Internal wisdom differs from inspired state in that when in the inspired state you may often get a flash of inspiration while in flow relating to any random subject whereas connecting with your internal wisdom you ask a direct question and get a clear direct answer. Whether you’ve experienced this personal phenomenon before not; I assure you, everyone has access to a limitless supply of internal wisdom. Mostly, like the inspired state, you will get the most succinct answers when you are very centred and focussed.


I’m sure while reading this you felt a sense of familiarity and resonance with each of these zones and now it’s up to you to develop each one consciously and use them at will unconsciously.

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  1. a James Ray fan says:

    Thanks for the insights and suggestions!!!! I’d like to also post one of my own that I found recently. I just finished reading James Arthur Ray’s newest book, Harmonic Wealth, and I had to share this concept he has that I think makes so much sense: LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME (Page 322). James says that most people live toward the outcome, meaning you are living like you don’t have it yet. He says you should shift your thinking so that you are LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME and thus sending out the energy to the world that you already have it. Think, feel, and act like you’ve already made it and the universe will say “Your wish is my command.”

    For me, that meant acting like I was more valuable as an individual – acting like a $500 a day earner instead of a $150 a day earner (no more reality TV marathons!) and acting like a thin and fit woman instead of a slightly overweight and sometimes lazy woman (goodbye Ranch Doritos!). Honestly, in the two weeks since I put down the book, things have started changing. And I think it really comes down to that one concept.

    Check out the Harmonic Wealth site and link to the book:

    a James Ray Fan

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey there!

    Thanks for that one and I couldn’t agree more! Living from the outcome is great way of thinking and I remember Jack Canfield talking about similar ideas in the secret.

    Thanks for the book suggestions too I will most definitely check them out!


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