Try This Experiment With Me Today

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. The air is fresh, the sun is rising and the birds are gently singing their song. It’s not often I just stop and pay attention to the small wonders of life. I do it, but probably not enough.

In this day and age we are actually taught to ‘fill time’; that is, to be productive and to always be doing something. A common way we fill time is to pick up the nearest gadget and send a text message, or a what’s app message. Or, it might be to send an email, check Facebook status updates, read the news or switch on the TV for a few minutes.

Is this something you do? Have you done this already? Was it the first thing you did in the morning? Have you already sent 100 messages? Most importantly, were you aware you did it?

I’d like for you to join me in a little experiment today…

Just for 5 minutes today, I would like for you NOT to ‘fill’ your time with something that you won’t even remember after an hour, but to do something that will have a powerful affect on you, for potentially the whole day, or even longer.

When you feel yourself reaching to pick up a gadget, or to somehow try and fill your mind so you don’t have to be alone with your thoughts, pause, put it down or refrain from picking it up, and spend the next 5 minutes just doing some simple reflection or meditation. Do the thing you wish you did but always claim never to have the time to do.

Just sit…be. Forget what you think you’re supposed to be doing and do the thing you make up excuses for not doing. Remember God, pray, manifest, be mindful.

That’s all you need to do.

Just 5 minutes.

And, once you’ve done it, ask yourself, “if I can make 5 minutes to do that, where else can I create time to do some of the things that are really important to me?”

What did you do with your 5 minutes? How did it feel?

2 Responses

  1. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey bro,
    Bhumi was raving about this article yesterday. I can see why. I try to schedule in downtime as often as I can in the day. What I do is either listen to music, or sit in silence taking in the view outside. YouTube is full of relaxing meditation music to help. I recommend the 528hz Solfeggio Harmonics tracks, their quite stirring.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan,

      Thanks so much for those suggestions. It’s uncanny as I was looking on youtube yesterday for awesome meditation music and found loads of collections.

      So many people I know complain that they don’t have any time to themselves but all they have to do is put their phone away for 5 minutes and boom, they have some free time! Uncanny! 😛


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