Off To Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within

This weekend, for four whole days, I will be attending the Tony Robbins; Unleash the Power Within, seminar at the Excel centre in Docklands, London! It runs from 9am until 11pm so it’s going to be pretty intense but I’m so looking forward to it and hopefully when I get back I’ll be even more supercharged than I am now! 😆

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, I’ll be doing the Firewalk tomorrow night too! Wish me luck.

I’ve got so many ideas for blog posts and lots of new ideas for the blog itself, here’s a taster of whats to come…

1. I have lots of new articles in mind such as: i) POC Vs LOA (Power of Choice Vs the Law of Attraction). ii) It wasn’t meant to be. (Deserving what you get Vs Creating what you get.) I will also be putting up more of my tips on leading a happier, fuller and more enjoyable experience of life and much much more!

2. In the past, I have had many business ideas. Some have been good, some have been absolutely crap, but that’s just in my eyes. To other people they may be worth their weight in gold. As much as I would love to put all of these into action…there’s no possible way I can do that. I can try a few but there are way to many for one person persue. So with that in mind, as I have an abundance of ideas, I am going to give away all of them on here. “That’s crazy!” I hear you exclaim! Well not really, I have ideas coming out of my ears…and so even if someone takes one and makes a million, then I know that I will get more ideas and still have plenty of opportunites to create my abundance of wealth.

3. The space and forums I have at the root of this domain, I initially began them as interfaith forums. I made the decision a few moths ago that I’m no longer going to continue them and that i’m going to find some new use for that space. I haven’t decided what that is as yet but I’ll be focusing on creating new ideas over the next few weeks on what I can do with them so watch this space! 😎

4. I also have some new ideas on some new blogs to begin. I will unlikely buy new domains, I think in this case I will probably sign up for some new blogger accounts and do the blogs there. One of the ideas I have is tips for students who are not sure what to do with life. I have a couple of other ideas too and so once I have a full and clear plan I’ll put them up here and so spread the word once they’re up and running! 🙂

5. With a little help from the LOA, I will have some podcasts up on this site soon! I have asked my friend to allow me some studio time and so next week, I will go in and record my 1 hr long podcasts and put them up on the site for free download! 🙂 I will be talking about love, life, enjoyment, motivation, positive thinking, meditation, affirmations, wealth, sex, relationships and anything else that pops up in this kwaaaaaazy head of mine! 😆

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  1. Michelle says:

    Good luck on the firewalk, and have a great time at the seminar! Looking forward to all the things you have planned for your return. 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    I can feel my feet burning already! 😯 😛

  3. kavikim says:

    God Bless You!~

  4. dumbdodi says:

    Hey amit…I am looking forward to all the more good things to come from you…you always have so much to give…
    hope you are having a great time…boy till 11 pm..that is intense…firewalk…OMG…
    Keep well….lots of love and wishes to you

  5. Amit says:

    Thank you so much Radhika! I had the most amazing weekend of my live, it blew my mind away! Tomorrow I’m going to write all about it and put it up on the blog!

    Love and Hugz, xx

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