Keep The Momentum Going

One thing that I find most difficult in life is maintaining the enthusiasm for a task which I’ve undertaken. I tend to lose the momentum after only a few days and I find my motivation and drive starts to lag.

It’s not easy to see things through to their completion but it is important that failure to complete tasks doesn’t become a habit. Procrastination is a huge part of this and it’s easy to put things off but the real challenge lies in making a choice to do something and then follow through.

It’s easy to feel the initial “buzz” of a new idea or challenge but that can evaporate if you’re not careful. The best way to keep the “buzz” of a new project or task is to not tell to many people or only tell that people that need to know. Also write down what it is that you want to achieve or what your goal is and start making a constructive plan on how you intend to reach your objective.

It may not be a buzz about a particular thing, you may just feel a buzz for no reason and have extra energy on a particular day and you find that you just get lots done. How do you hold onto that and how can you keep it going so that you feel that kind of buzz everyday? Ask yourself and challenge yourself with these questions.

Create some newness about each day! Aim to have a new powerful thought about yourself, the world, the universe and become the embodiment of that thought. I have vowed never ever to use the term “same shit different day” ever again because it is such a soul destroying statement!! There is no good that can come from thinking that way and if you do truly feel that way then do something about it! What’s stopping you?

Get into the habit of “creating” something everyday! It can be anything from a drawing, a poem, a saying, a new way of looking at your job, absolutely anything and you will slowly start to find that your enthusiasm will stay with you!! Never give up hope and know that there is so much beauty and variety in the world that the possibilities are endless, make and affirmation today and see it through!! What are you waiting for…go now…go and make your dreams come true!

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  1. Lyman says:

    Outstanding post. I suffer from the loss of steam after a few days myself. A lot of times, it’s because of self-doubt: should I really be doing this, is this the “right” thing to be working on now, is this really what I want?

    Your suggestions about creating newness in each day is something I’m going to work on. Thanks for posting!

  2. Amit says:

    Thanks Lyman!

    This subject has always been a touchy one for me, something I’ve been pulled up on many a time in my personal life as well as my job.

    It always helps me, to ask these questions, when i’m stuck, and to write down the answers (in this case dealing with procrastination) and put them into practise as much as I can in my daily life.

    Thanks once again for the comments!


  3. quatro says:

    one thing for sure is you have posted one great article, procrastination is one of the barrier but as you get along with your “newness syndrome” it will become a lifestyle enabling you to overcome your fear.

  4. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Quatro,

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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