11 Years and Counting – Making A Mark In The World

11 Years, Blogging

This past Monday marked the 11 years anniversary that Unlimited Choice has been running. Admittedly I’ve not blogged as much over the last few months as I’ve working on other key projects, but this blog remains at the forefront of what I do and what I would like to accomplish.

This makes this blog one of the longest running personal development blogs in the world, and as far as I know, at number 2. I’ve seen many bloggers come and go, some thrive and excel, some decide it wasn’t for them and some just forgot they had a blog. Most people don’t realise the work it takes to keep a blog up and running, the cost, the time the maintenance…it’s a lot of hard work, especially if you’re not fully web savvy.

No matter how small though, I’m proud of the small dent I’ve made in world through this blog. Yes there are much bigger and much more popular blogs out there, but for me, reaching 2 million people is still something not to frown upon at all.

As I look back at some of the 600 articles of so I’ve written, I see a whole journey of the some of the biggest highs and lows of my life as well as the things I’ve learned from them.

The last 11 years have been challenging beyond measure, with the loss of my mum, my sister, and a relationship ending, to name but a few of the things that happened over the course of that time.

Then 2016 came around and finally, all the hard work I had been putting in began paying off. I got a new job, I’ve got engaged, I have a new car, I’m now due to get married in 2017 and again, those things are just the tip of the iceberg.

I imagine the next year and beyond is only going to just get better and better!

It’s been a genuinely thrilling ride and when I think about everyone it has helped or even allowed people to question beliefs or even challenge mine, I feel a deep sense of gratitude that right now, is close to bringing a tear to my eye.

I want to say thank you for being a visitor here. I want to say thank you for every comment and even for every glance. Every visit is an opportunity to reach someone new and perhaps add some value to their lives and who knows, even make it just that little bit better. 😉

I say this every year and every year I mean it when I say that there is still so much more to come. Over the last 2 years my Facebook pagehas grown from 700 to over 180K+ members within the tribe and continues to go from strength to strength.

This year has been a year of improving my public speaking, holding many workshops and seminars and as we hit 2017 I just see that to continue to grow massively.

I’m always available if you wish you contact me using the contact form and regularly updating my FB page. https://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/contact/

So stay tuned, keep living your authentic self, keep working hard, making effort to mould your life into what you would like it to be. And may your 2017 year be by far, your best year yet!

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  1. Fran Banting says:

    Congratulations Amit! Truly a labor of love.

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