Destiny Vs Capability – How To Choose Your Destiny

So, there I was in the shower a couple of days ago and suddenly the idea for this post came into my head. So are we really destined to reach a particular point in our lives and if so the question arises; does that mean, that the point that we reach is our maximum potential? Or can we surpass our supposed destiny? And if we’ve surpassed our destiny then is that new level we’ve reach our new destiny?? Who or what the heck is deciding what our destiny is anyway!

For those that have been visiting this blog often, you will already know that I don’t believe in destiny at all, I believe in choice and that choice is the supreme universal driving force. However maybe it’s a bit late to be bringing this up but that’s a tiny bit of lie! 😆 I do sort of believe in destiny, but not quite the way that some people do. I do believe in the grand design, but I also believe that the grand design is determined by our choices. Confused? Good! Now just wait till I get going! 😛

Lets step back to the title just for a moment, capability vs destiny. So if we were to believe for now that we do have a destiny, does that mean then that we will reach a certain point in life or acheive a certain thing but be unable to go any further? Or are we unlimted creatures with unlimited potential within the scope of the known laws of physics? How are the boundaries of fate or destiny designed, decided or specified?

Lets say, for arguments sake, there is such a thing called destiny. If we all had a specific role to play within a grandly designed tapestry on a material we know as space-time then who or what created the tapestry. Who or what provided the fabric? Was it a God-like Taylor? With who or what does the decision or the roles of every creature on this green earth reside? And we’re just talking on a global scale here, we haven’t even begun to think about other races and life forms in the rest of the Universe!

My personal theory is that the grand design is based on constant energy. I won’t go into more detail on this particular article as I want to turn your attention now to then the possibility of capability only being limited by our imagination, emotion, desire, and yes of course, choice! As already discussed, if you support the theory of destiny you hit ceilings and barriers that almost unanswerable by nature. E.g. who or what sets the limits? With capability there is only one question that needs answering, i.e. How high? And than can only be answered by ones own self growth, through desire, drive and ambition.

Quite frankly, whether we’ve been put here for a purpose, is totally irrelevant. What is completely relevant is what are you going to do while you have the choice and capability? Are you going to be dictated to about how high you can go? Or will you choose to let the voice in your be boundless and unlimited in it’s capability! It is in fact down to “Unlimited Choice!”

It was with that in mind that I decided to rename my book from “The power of choice” to “Unlimited Choice” because that to me sums up even more how much scope there is for us as human beings.

I kept this article much shorter than I originally intended but to finish I just wanted to share this with you. Have you been watching the t.v. series Heroes? I managed to watch the final episode yesterday and as I watched my jaw dropped because for me it totally tied in with the ideas shared within this post.

I’ll try not to spoil it for those of you that have not seen it but in the final episode, Sylar, forsee’s the future, however that future is changed….what changes it? It was choice through capability! It was the decision of one person to realise his capability and then make a choice which ultimately changed what Sylar had seen as being written in the future. That episode for me sums up for me the way in which the grand design I spoke of earlier, interacts with our choices. If you haven’t seen this t.v. show, for those of you that are sci-fi fans, I highly recommend it!

Choose your destiny! (A true new paradox!)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, Amit, great post. I do not believe in destiny as an end to be fulfilled, either. (Not sure I believe in “destiny” at all the way it is currently understood.)

    Sometimes I think people confuse destiny with identity. What you are (destiny) can be very different from who you are (identity) but people often don’t see it that way.

    However, can your perception of your destiny hold you back? Yes, absolutely. A person who says, “I’m destined to fail at this” will fail just as surely as a person who says, “I’m destined to succeed” will succeed. In that way, a person can certainly cap his/her destiny and hold him/herself back.

    Is there an upper limit to achievement? Only if one sets caps on oneself.

    Also, no, I do not believe there is a Grand Taylor out there somewhere weaving us all together to create a Grand Design. I believe in energy, and that we ourselves, on an unconscious collective scale, are one being that lets us know what is needed through dreams or intuition, and we fill the order.

    Say there was a person who wanted to be a certain thing….let’s just say a magnificent chef in a fabulous restaurant. It’s not earth-chattering like a president, but hey, people do eat and enjoy eating well! A really great chef brings a lot of pleasure to people! (and, hopefully, nutrition…) 🙂

    Anyway, say this person Wants to do that, but pursues a different life because there is more money or fame or whatever in that other direction. He may even be fairly successful in that other direction, but his “destiny” – what the universe needed him to do – he never did. He mad a choice to not follow his destiny, and a hole has been left in the fabric of the collective energy web because a great chef was need but never arrived.

    If he had followed his destiny (dreams, intuition) he would have fulfilled it, but of course there are always choices and decisions. Would he have been fulfilled if he had stayed in one large city, or one country, or would he have done even better by going to other countries and becoming internationally known as a great chef??

    No way to tell, but that would have been his choice.

    If he was perfectly happy and satisfied staying in one place, good for him. If he wanted to go further, good for him, too.

    I think we have to be careful about some things. People have to know the difference between choosing to be where they are and thinking that they can’t go further because some invisible ceiling is holding them back.

    In that way, I believe we choose our destiny…if a person is happy and fulfilled doing what she’s doing right where she is, great. If she isn’t, then she has to realize that there are ways around that problem. I don’t believe it is anyone’s “destiny” to be stuck, and that wanting something seemingly outside your grasp is something you should forget as a “pipe dream” because it will “never happen.”

    However, I can say that as a woman in a male-dominated society, there are a lot of places that are just now opening up to women, especially related to career. 100 years ago, women were not accepted into medical colleges. Women weren’t in the board rooms of mega-corporations, women didn’t hold high government offices.

    It was never a woman’s “destiny” to be stonewalled like that, but progress has been made slowly at best. 100 years ago the medical community still believed women’s brains were inferior to mens’ and women were too fragile to do the work of a CEO or Senator or whatever.

    So, I think we have to be careful and realize that there are ceilings which need to be broken through, just make sure we don’t fall into the “destiny” trap and make them Self-Imposed ceilings.

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Michelle, Thank you for your input and I have to say I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s almost heartbreaking when I see people holding themselves back because they don’t believe it be in their kismet. (a hindu word meaning destiny)

    I like the term you’ve used; “Self imposed ceilings” I think that pretty much hit the nail on the head. People just aren’t questioning as much as they can do what the true meaning of destiny is!

    Thank you michelle!


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