11 Methods To Get Rid Of Stress Right Now!

Get rid of stress

How do you get rid of stress? It’s Monday morning and my alarm goes off for the tenth time, and I leave the bed all cranky and irritated. I basically feel the purpose of Mondays is to stress us out and drive us insane. Have you felt the same too? Technology has been taking the world by storm, and if you want to survive in this race you have to work hard, and it comes along with a big bag of stress.

Stress has become an alarming issue. 1 out of 75 people experience stress every single day. Can you believe that? There are a number of reasons for the rise in stress levels. While for most people, it is work, for some it’s relationships. Find out all about anxiety and stress from this infographic:(http://nootrina.com/anxiety-in-a-digital-world/


I am here to tell you about 11 methods that will help you get rid of stress right away.


  1.    Do What You Love

Research shows that 80% of the employees in any work environment experience stress. How many of us do what we love? A large portion of us find jobs based on two things. It’s either money or the status that comes along with the job. Unfortunately, these two cannot give you the peace of mind and happiness you need.

Stress creeps in when you are burdened with work. It multiplies a million times when it is something you don’t like doing. A friend of mine is an exceptional violinist, but he took up data analytics as his job profile. Though the money is good, I see him whine every day about the stress at work.

So what’s the solution?  Do something you love. I am not asking you to quit your job right away and go become a musician but why not do it more often? Find time to follow your passion and do it whenever you are stressed. I go hiking every weekend because it helps me stay relaxed. Rediscover what you love and do it more often.


  1.    Meditate

Meditation, as you know, is the most sought-after solution for a lot of things. Trying to improve your focus? Want to relax? Looking forward to improving your memory? Meditation is the answer to all these questions. Whenever you are stressed, your breath loses its normal fluidity, and this pushes your body into panic mode. This can only make things worse for you.

You can do wonders with your breath. A breathing exercise which can help get rid of stress is the 4-7-8 exercise. Before you begin, exhale completely through your mouth. Now inhale through your nose for a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 7 and then exhale through your mouth for a count of 8. This exercise can help you relax and improve your focus on things.     

  1.    Dessert to the rescue

I love this hack, and I personally feel it works amazingly well. Before I tell you how, here’s a fun thing to do: try spelling ‘stressed’ backwards, what do you get? ‘Desserts’! I guess that effectively proves how desserts can help you to get rid of your stress. Just kidding!

Reflexology, which is a recognized therapy to treat a number of ailments suggests that one of the best ways to de-stress is to enjoy desserts. Dark chocolate with 72% cocoa has proved to be an effective solution to stress. It can lower the level of stress hormones and make you feel relaxed. There you go! Now you have one more reason to eat chocolate!

  1.    Practice some Craft

Do you remember when we were small, we had a subject called handicrafts, where we used to make so many things with nothing but paper? The result used to make you happy, right? Various studies prove that practicing craft can help you de-stress.

Knitting which involves a series of repetitive motions has proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Have you heard of Origami? The traditional Origami tulip design is one of the best stress relievers of all time.

Make use of your leisure time by practicing handicrafts or knitting. Make your house colorful with those crafts and designs.

  1.    Play

Another reason why I dislike technology is because it has stolen so many aspects of happiness from today’s children. When I was a kid, I used to await the weekend, because that was when my friends and I were allowed to play. From hide and seek to hoppers and runners, it was so much fun. Yes, we used to fall and get hurt, but the amount of happiness we experienced was incomparable. Kids now are glued to their phones and PlayStations. They may not have experienced all of the incredible joys of playing in the real world .

Get back to your childhood! Organize weekend games and invite all your friends. Not only does this de-stress you, but it also keeps you healthy and fit as you get the much needed physical activity and a break from the sedentary lifestyle.

  1.    Laugh Out Loud

Laughter indeed is the best medicine. Smiling does have a positive impact on your mind and body, but when you laugh out loud, it doubles the benefits. Technology can be a boon here. The internet is flooded with funny videos and memes which can give you a good laugh. If you are old school, why don’t you read a couple of jokes and laugh it out?

When you laugh you relax your mind, the muscles of your body also get relaxed, and you begin to feel healthy physically and mentally as it triggers the release of endorphins the feel-good hormone.


  1.    Get Some Music

The champion is here. Is there anything that music cannot do? It has the power to send you to a different world where you are bereft of all worries. There are some tunes which are specifically made to help you de-stress. The next time you feel stressed, plug in your earphones and just listen to your favorite tunes and forget all your worries.


  1.    Unplug Yourself

Like I already mentioned, most of us are glued to our gadgets. Some of us have even forgotten how to live without our phones. Sad, right? For many, the rate of stress depends on the notifications on their phone. The mounting emails and endless task reminders can make us go insane. Solution? Just turn off that phone of yours for some time. I am not asking you go offline forever but do it more often. Try out a digital detox where you can unplug yourself from all electronic gadgets and just relax with nature.

  1.    Socialize

The invasion of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp has made us forget what real socializing is. When was the last time you met your school friends? Let’s imagine how it would go when you meet your friends. You’d recollect all the mischief you did in school, the punishments your teacher gave you, the fun you had during your school trips and more. Good times might come and  go, but memories last forever and they have the power to make us happy.

  1.    Yoga

Yoga is the 5000-year old ancient Indian practice which focuses on physical and mental well-being. The various yoga asanas and breathing techniques can not only help you relax but can also keep you at the peak of your health. Yoga establishes a harmony between your mind and body which helps you attain a state of extreme self-awareness. When you are in this state, nothing can mess your head.

  1. Herbal Respite

Adaptogenic Herbs are excellent stress busters. Adaptogens calm the body and boost the energy level without any kind of overstimulation. The herbs counteract the effects of stress by supporting adrenal function and normalize the body’s imbalances. Panax ginseng supports adrenal glands and improves mood, decreases depression and also lowers blood sugar level. Ashwagandha which is a powerful hormone balancer can treat chronic stress and also treat fatigue. Herbs such as Basil and Licorice are all effective stress relievers.



Now that you know these amazing ways to get rid of stress, are you ready to let go of all worries? Stress has become an alarming issue! It can affect your mental as well as your physical well-being. Get rid of it right away with these actionable tips. Try out all these methods one by one and let me know how they helped you! See you in the comments section!

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