The Power Of Choice – In Action

“The world will be what you make it. You can choose to build new bridges instead of building new walls. You can choose to put aside long-standing divisions in pursuit of lasting peace. You can choose to advance a prosperity that is shared by all people and not just the wealthy few,”

– President Barak Obama

The above quote was taken from President Barak Obama’s speech to the Turkish parliament in the closing stages of his tour of Europe. It’s wonderful to see the philosophy of choice now being employed by the most politically powerful man on the planet.

It’s a clear message and demonstration that given any set of circumstances you are in control and can decide which path to take. You may or may not know at the time which path is the right one for you there may not even be a right one! The decision you make is shaping your destiny. Even if the decision you make, at a later stage, you felt it wasn’t the best decision after all, at least you’ve learned! Be grateful for that learning.

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  1. I definitely believe the world is what you make it. Life is all about having the right attitude and making the choices that are best for you. What if you don’t know what choices you want to make? Well, then it’s time to learn a little bit about yourself. As I wrote on my own blog this morning, people need to spend some time getting to know themselves. The more you know yourself, the better you’ll be at making the best choices for yourself.

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey PP! Well said and I love what you said about learning about yourself…how true!! 😀

    Thanks for your comments!

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