Is The ClubHouse App Just A Fad?


Is the Clubhouse app just a fad? I definitely don’t think it is.

I’ve been on Clubhouse now since January 2021 and I really enjoyed my experience on there. I believe that even after lockdown and Covid is all over, it will continue to thrive.

Clubhouse is different to other social media apps, in a number of ways, and that it is not just down to being an audio only app.

The app brings together people in a way that other social media does not.

Case in point, I’m collaborating with a huge number of other dating experts who, without clubhouse, I never would have met.

I met these people all because of the clubhouse app and would most certainly would have not be working with them otherwise.

Clubhouse is overrated

I can totally see why people might think clubhouse could be over valued and overrated.

But they are usually the ones who’ve only taken the app at face value and have not tried if themselves, and don’t understand what makes it unique.

In the way that TikTok changed video content online, Clubhouse will change the way we collaborate.

With other social media apps, it’s about ‘me’. On clubhouse, it’s about ‘us’. There is no other platform where you can connect with people in such a visceral way and in real time. This is what makes it different and so powerful.

When is Clubhouse coming to Android?

It’s not long now. As I write this it’s March 2021 and it won’t be long for it to arrive on the Play Store. I think that once they have invested and done the necessary server upgrades, they will be able to release the app straight away.

Can I get Clubhouse without an Invite?

Yes absolutely! There is a hack and it’s by sharing the app via the icon. Once you sign up and reserve your name, if any of your contacts get alerted to approve you, you’ll be in the the club!

Will Clubhouse replace podcasts?

In my humble opinion, no. I do believe they will go hand in hand and you can record your rooms, or stream your podcast onto clubhouse.

All these options are entirely possible and so I believe they will work nicely in tandem. I do think though, Talk Radio needs to sit up and pay attention. I believe there is some scope there where talk radio will feel the pinch of clubhouse.

Where to find me on the app

You can find me on there most days under my username @amitsodha. I run a daily dating room to connect all those beautiful singles out there.

I have a club called ‘ Love & Wealth Abundance ‘ and I’ll be doing other regular rooms soon so watch this space.

In closing

I think it is here to stay and a fantastic way to build a profile, collaborate, and also grow your other social media. If you have iOS, sign up now, join clubhouse, and get ahead of the game.

If you’re on android, don’t wait when it’s released, sign up straight away get going. Begin creating rooms, and connecting with incredible people all over the world.

Share your thoughts with the world :-)