Use Timed Sprints To Make Yourself Unstoppable

Timed Sprints

Both you and I have the potential to accomplish so much. However, if we don’t find a way to focus our time and energy, all too often we can end the day feeling lousy, and like we’ve accomplished very little. This is where timed sprints and can make you unstoppable.

This very moment, I’ve set myself a challenge to write this article in 30 minutes. I’ve created a time sprint within which I set myself a goal, and must achieve what I would like to in that space of time.

It sounds easy right? Well, it is!

If you really want to begin getting more things done, and you want to achieve all those things you’ve wanted to for yourself over countless years, then this one tool will thrust you in the right direction.

It’s simple really. Decide what you want to accomplish, set yourself a time window and then do a sprint to that finish line. During that time you box all other distractions and anything else that can pull your attention, and you just focus on one thing. Your goal should be to complete the task in the time allotted.

Applying The Idea

I’ve already mentioned my one example, which is writing this article and I’ve given myself 30 minutes within which to complete it.

It really is that straight forward and this one simple technique, of doing timed sprints, can you turn you into an unstoppable force.

This can really work with anything too. It just involves narrowing your focus for set space of time and ploughing all your energy into that one thing.

It can for very short periods, like this 30 minute article, or it can be for longer endeavours like losing weight. For the latter example it might be a case of doing micro sprints encompassed within one bigger sprint.

For example, you might want to lose weight and get healthy. So what you do is set yourself the target, that within one week, you will exercise 3 times for 30 minutes. That is one big sprint with 3 micro sprints to begin your journey and to build that right kind of habits for the longer term.

The objective of this is very simple and that is to make sure you are completing all the things in life you’ve wanted to do, and to then allow yourself that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes along with it.

When you begin this process, of using timed sprints, it almost becomes like a habit. Once you’ve got the hang of the idea, you can easily experiment and apply it to different challenges. It will enhance your self-worth and your feeling of being a doer, and of someone who truly does the things they say they’re going to do!

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Amit.

    I love the idea of short sprints to get things done. I’ve recently started using the Pomodoro technique where you work uninterrupted for 25 minutes, then have a short break, then do another 25 minutes, etc.

    Like you say, it’s amazing how much you can get done when you focus your energy on one thing.

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