UnEdited Thinking. Unlock Your Creative Genius

Un-edited Thinking

There is something magical when you enable yourself to capture your free flowing thoughts or your unedited thinking.

Another name I’ve also come up with for this is ‘naked dictation’ and probably one of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned or done.

This is an life-changing idea you can try right now.

I had this brainwave a long time ago and I realised how powerful it was going to be.

There are so many applications to this and I’ve already had another extended idea to branch out from this.

I suggest you only continue reading if you really want to genuinely experiment with a process that I consider to be one of the most powerful tools for unleashing creativity.

Why UnEdited Thinking?

I had this idea after I’d had a vegan doughnut. (Whoever said junk food was bad for you is wrong!) 😆

I was just about to sit down and continue writing an article I’d started yesterday but I was hesitating because I felt like the words and writing were becoming too edited, to the to point you were not going to be reading ‘me’ as such, but very much an edited version of me. Then I asked myself why?

My thoughts do not always need to edited to the point where I am almost eliminating who I am from the writing. In fact, I realised the total opposite is true. Below you are about to get a real taste of ‘Amit Sodha’. (And perhaps the remnants of an doughnut too!)

You are going to hear the ramblings of a genius in the making! I’m so excited about this, I’m almost ready to explode! This morning has been a massive turning point for me. I awoken to an endless stream of wisdom.

I would describe the process as fearless writing. It’s writing without reservation or fear of being judged.

It’s amazing how much came out. Sometimes I’m conscious about how much I write in an article, I feel like I’m cheating people if I don’t write 700 words but on the flip side I don’t want the writing to also just be fluff to fill up the empty space.

So I was shocked to see that my unedited word count hit almost 700 in just a few short minutes. I didn’t do it today but I realised that could extract genius ideas from those ramblings.

I paid attention to the mundane thoughts and realised there is potential value there. If you record as you go along you’re more likely to capture those flashes of inspiration.

Below, block quoted, you can peruse the thoughts I wrote down literally as soon as they entered my head. It was actually not as easy to do as you may think. The thoughts were quite jumbled and my spelling was terrible so I had to do some spelling and grammar corrections just to make it readable.

UnEdited Thinking Ramblings

Here just at this moment I decided to write every single thought that was running through my mind, no editing, just to see simply what would pop out as I sit in with the keyboard at my fingertips.

This is truly a bizarre place to be in, it’s like kind of being naked, right now anything could pop into my mind and yet I’m going to choose to get it down unconsciously.

Just then I had a flash of this finished piece. The whole idea was inspired by the thought that often when I think something in my head it sounds so good and yet when I then try and get it down it never quite sounds as good as it did in my head.

Just then I had a flash of inviting people to join with me in the experiment. It’s already intriguing me and I’m pretty excited but this new potential paradigm. I don’t expect it to become a thing I’ll do all the time as editing can be import to perhaps be more succinct. and to the point.

I woke up really early this morning for some reason after only about 4 hours of sleep. I find that when I start training hardcore, (which I’m doing right now for the marathon) ( I just took a sip of water) It always seems to mess with my sleep in the early stages. Although I don’t mind, I’m feeling quite fresh and since my family went to McDonald’s without me and got some Egg McMuffins and didn’t get me one I decided to go and get some before the rush hour. (okay okay I confess I had a doughnut and some hash browns too! 🙁 )

I have been telling people that I need to lose about 5 stone for the marathon but that Egg McMuffin sure didn’t help my case. I see my glass of water and I take another sip because I’m conscious the fact that I need to stay hydrated and the fact that my recent dry skin is probably attributed to my poor water habits over the festive period.

I just had a brief moment where I was stuck for thought and I’m experiencing it right now again because I’ve not in that place I sometimes get to where things just flow out.

I just had a momentary flash in my head of going on a search for a picture to use in for this post and I also thought about linking to loads of other blogs to hopefully get some exposure to this idea as I think it’s got real potential.

I think and I’m sure in some way it’s like an exercise some actors may do or impromptu comedy where they just act out what’s going on in their head in that moment. I just had the idea of calling this post ‘welcome to the school of unedited thinking’.

I genuinely this is a really powerful exercise for combating writers block and I just had a thought about how cool this idea is and how popular it’s going to make me.

Wow I just had a flush of good feeling, I’m guessing kind of like how women have hot flushes and so kind of like that. I just thought about a girl I really like at the moment, going to be meeting up with her soon.

I always picture how dates are going to go before I go on them but they never end up going quite the way you expect.

I just thought about one of my favourite comedians, Jimmy Carr, and I was thinking this is what it must be like to be them, they seem to be so natural in their thinking and this truly is a skill I want to cultivate and I’m now thinking about frequency, should this be a 7 day experiment or should this be oh wait I lost my chain of thought and started thinking about who I could link to and get to experiment I just thought about Jonathan at Advanced Life Skills and Robin at Naked in Eden now Zeenat at Positive Provocations and Steven at Change Your Thoughts (dude, this would be so awesome as part of your mind alchemy program) and now back to thinking about frequency and not sure about that.

OK just had a thought about job hunting. I was thinking recently maybe I should really settle on one thing or the other like going for a job or going all out and forming my business and I just then I thought about how long this piece was getting and then it occurred to me how much I can write without thinking, it’s not about length but it’s strange that my word count is already showing 761 words so easily and this is all in the space of about 20 minutes.

I stopped there because you can clearly see that I could’ve continued for a long time.

Leave An ‘Unedited Thinking’ Comment

If you’re about to leave me a comment I would love for you to leave a comment of unedited thinking. Write exactly what is on your mind. Do not edit the spelling and grammar until later if at all. I just wanted to hear your genuine thoughts without any fear or reservation.

Your Turn

I encourage you to try this as an experiment. If you feel like you are getting in the way of your own creativity I would love for you to try this and so I can also get to know you better.

I want you to get naked with me! 😀 (Not in a kinky way….but if you’re that way inclined… 😆 )

There are about a zillion applications to this exercise, maybe you’ll come up with something I’ve not thought of? If so let me know in the comments below.

(After first writing and publishing this back in 2013 I realised it is referred to as freewriting)

96 Responses

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    You are too much! is the first thought that came to my mind. I say that with a huge smile on my face. I mean it in a nice way. You make me smile. Seriously, you have such an “Amit” take on things, unique I mean. But now I remember that your name has a meaning…”unlimited”? You have such an unlimited take on things.
    I did spontaneous writing like this recently when I was processing some very old events. I had the same experience ~ I was able to write about 800 words in 20 minutes. That’s unusual for me. So in a way that is exciting.
    But what’s the point? Are people really going to want to read wild and crazy ramblings? Or is it an exercise to free up your voice?
    OK, that’s as far as I go with this today. It’s far too late. Was this really useful – to you – in any way? My rough, unedited comment?

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Sandra, awww thank you for the sweet words and to respond to your question about what’s the point? I think it’s the latter, it’s more a self exercise our freeing up that inner voice. I don’t intend it to be a permanent transition into writing that way all the time just as a practise to get better and more congruent at writing overall! 😀 I challenge you to do the same on your blog…just one experiment of free writing.

  2. Farnoosh says:

    What? Blog my unedited thoughts and just share them with my readers? Oh wait, do I really want to say that to Amit…why yes! He really gets on my nerves with his bold suggestions. Amit, listen, I am not ever (ooh wait, remember Andy said don’t ever use ever cause you just don’t know)…-Amit, I am probably NOT going to take you up on this offer (that might sound harsh…! Hmmm). Dear Amit, what a nice article and ….oh gosh I have a million things to do….well, just have a nice day! ;0)
    PS: You did ask for it ;)! <==Edited and intentional part.

  3. Kimberly says:

    That is what I try to do as often as possible…unedited writing. You are absolutely right that by editing you lose too much of yourself. But, I catch myself at times and wonder, do people really want to know what is whirling around inside my head and heart and then when I let it go on paper, it ends up being the best article/blog ever!

    Everyone should give it a try…at least once!

  4. Unedited writing, jesus christ that would be crazy with all that’s going on in my head at any given moment, I mean, it’s time for bed just now, but I really wanted to do this so I’ll keep going until I hear that gorgeous voice saying ‘are you coming to bed’, need to give the boys a hug before going to bed as well. This is a really interesting idea and thought it was a little crazy at first but my hands are typing at 100 miles per hour, this is mental. Amit, you’re a genius in the making 🙂 Wonder how his comedy routines are going, or if he;s still doing the comedy, or the radio show, he’s got his fingers in so many pies, speaking of pies I could go a pie with brown sauce just now, I guess it’s a little too late to have a pie. Just heard the sweet voice ‘comin’ babe’, so with that Amit I’ll leave you.

    Wow, that was a bit crazy, need to look into this more Amit 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Steven, Thanks for joining in the experiment and I’m so glad you found it as intriguing as I did. Do you know what I realised is another brilliant application for this?… speaking…when on your own narrate your own life or just speak the thoughts you’re thinking…in fact there are so many applications and you also get a sense of how quickly we’re thinking constantly without a break.

      For me it was definitely an exercise in not only becoming inspired but also there is no such thing as writers block when you start adopting this method!

      Like I said, I think this would be a brilliant exercise to incorporate into your mind alchemy for next month!

  5. Hahaha Amit!

    I love this idea – actually I think it’s what we used to call free association back in the hay day when I was a Psych major. Freud used to ask his patients to do that. And I honestly can’t believe I still remember this.

    I guess I was listening after all, when that Prof. Zucker (I think that was his name – Damn – I can remember the terms and not those who taught it to me) used to say. “Ms. Abboud, thank you for joining us today but is my voice bothering your nap?” – Needless to explain here – but in my sorry ass defense – I was never much of a morning person – still not!

    So this is me free associating except the term “stream of consciousness” keeps popping into my mind although I think it was more of a narrative mode maybe – that part I’m not 100% sure of and as much as I’d like to Wiki it – this really bad movie is on TV and somehow I’m totally hooked at watching these terrible actors try their damn hardest not to show just how bad they suck.

    Shit, here I am thinking out loud and actually publishing my thoughts for all to see on this nice guy’s blog. I wonder if I’m totally gonna’ bore him as maybe he was expecting something funnier on my part – but I’m kinda laughing at myself now so it’s okay I guess.

    Time to stop cause I keep seeing the scrolling thingy on the side go down which means I’ve probably written an essay. Shoot, should I go back and read and delete stuff or say “screw it”?!

    Should I tell him about that silly journal I used to write in (as a kid of course and not till now – cough) where I ramble away just cause I want to write something – anything? I better not – other people may read this.

    I’m just gonna’ press submit and then go back and read when it’s published. No turning back – here goes.

    Hahaha this was fun Amit! Thanks for pinging me to come over and try this. Very cool and a bit embarrassing lol ;).

    Oh, and how did I do Prof. Sodha?

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Ingrid, well you definitely giving me an massive insight into the ‘inner workings’ of Ingrid Aboud and can I just say what a roller coaster it was!

      “Ms. Abboud, thank you for joining us today but is my voice bothering your nap?” – LOL sounds like something I used to get told at lot at school too.

      I’m a bit worried that you think of me as a ‘nice’ guy though, I’m trying to build a bad-boy image as the ‘Jimmy Dean’ of personal development!

      But all-in-all Prof Sodha says that you did very well. It’s such a cool exercise and I don’t know about you but I was smiling all the way when doing it. There was something about it I just found truly liberating like a big release from some heavy chains!

      Can you see yourself trying this out more often?

  6. Well Amit,
    I’m glad I was able to entertain you for a short while lol.

    Forgive my “nice guy” description of you (it wasn’t me, it was my rambling thoughts that because of you I wasn’t allowed to edit lol) – as of now I’ll make sure to have the “bad boy James Dean” image of you ;).

    You’d be surprised at how often I actually do this free association thing. The journal/digital diary was for real. Damn, now it’s officially public haha.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Heh well I’d love to see a one-off free association article on your blog…just so I get to find out more about you and what makes you tick! Thank so much for your comments though and taking part and RT’ing! U Star!

  7. Tim Brownson says:

    My typing is way too bad to get involved in anything liuke this. Seriously if I typed a post length reply there would be at least 25+ typos in it which is what you get when you never take the time to reach yourself how to type correctly because there are always more important things to do. Even though I know deep down bveing able to type is pretty impoirtant seeing as I sopend about 2 or 3 hours every day doing it.

  8. Julia says:

    hi amit, this is not a method you divised, it already exists and is called freewriting. I guess the new thing about it is that you want to blog all your unedited thoughts instead of just writing them out privately. i think it’s a great idea, though, and also a synchronicity that i found thos article (i had never heard of you and your website before) as i have been thinking about what my purpose in life is recently. and I found out is has to do with making authentic connections with people and showing myself the way i am and being seen that way. it’s really exciting, I certainly get “turned on” by being “naked” (metaphorically speaking) in front of others, i.e. by saying or writing just what i think and feel. so thank you for posting this. this is actually the first time i am writing to someone without editing myself. i normally only do this in my diary which no-one reads (i hope).
    i hope telling you that you didn’t actually create this method didn’t come across as rude. I was just writing out my thoughts! 🙂
    all the best,

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Julia, firstly thanks for commenting and for joining the experiment. When I had the inspiration to do this the other day I had no idea that this process had an official name or was already being done, however I did suspect that it would be the case.

      I, like you, got ‘turned on’ by doing this, not in a sexual way as is often referenced by the phrase being ‘turned on’ but in the way that meant I really felt free. I also have started doing this with people in person and it’s an amazing feeling…it’s like fearless communication. I hate blocks and barriers and they are often just self-imposed limiting beliefs.

      I’m so glad you decided to open up here and on my blog which is lovely to know it was your first time and you weren’t being rude at all this was the whole point of the experiment!

      I’m so glad you’ve just started the process of discovering your life’s purpose and you’ve shared that here with me and a large community of people.

  9. Dude….this is awesome!!!!!
    I am almost always unedited…but hey…you never know…what if i say something ‘not suitable for all age groups’ hmm…then that would be a complete bummer 😉 {totally unedited}
    But on a more serious note…since the time I started writing….it has taken me a bit of time…but now most of my posts are unedited except the spelling errors…there is very little I actually edit. I have become more open. How and why..I have no idea, but its a freeing feeling.
    And what you talk about here…is really an awesome awesome idea! I might give it a more serious thought the next time I post…provided I dont get any 18+ ideas 😉
    Lots of love,
    Thx 4 the link luv! And I love the awesome new header!!!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Zee, first off you’re the first person to mention the new header and I’m glad you like because from my perspective, I couldn’t tell if it was any good or not! (I don’t really have the spirit of a visual designer!)

      Second I’m so jealous that you manage to write so freely. Very often I do but there are times when I really have to work at is so I’ve decided I’m going to adopt this idea more and let the ideas flow more naturally! (hopefully!)

      As for coming out with 18+ ideas, we’re all adults here – so it’s all good!

  10. Amit,
    This it reminds me of an exercise that I was doing consistently for several years every morning: writing 3 -4 unedited pages in my journal every morning. This was a writing exercise called – Morning Pages – suggested by Julia Cameron a famous author, screenwriter and creativity expert in her book, The Artist’s Way.

    I had so many ideas and dreams 12 years ago too. I started a writer’s group, went back to graduate school, started freelancing as a writer, worked for a magazine – Wow. I’d been trying not forget about all this….’cause it makes me sad to see where I ended up.

    I think all of these dreams started with allowing myself to write without editing myself. I don’t think I would have dreamed that bid had it not been for that.

    I got so many “pearls of wisdom” out it. It gave me loads of ideas for books, stories and articles. Overtime, I got so busy with working, meditating in the morning and then other things I put it aside to make more time. I can see now that it was a mistake.

    Some mornings I wrote up to 12 pages and the writing just flowed as if someone else were doing it!

    I got so rigid about my routine I shut off my “flow” and my dreams.

    I think this was a great exercise Amit. I realize now I’ve been editing myself and limiting my life too much!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Wow, that’s an interesting story Ang, and I could feel your pain in what you just said. I’m happy though that this post has sparked in you to go back to that time where you felt your natural ‘flow’ and creativity and so maybe the this post was written especially for you! 🙂

  11. Lisa H. says:

    Hi Amit,
    I love this idea. It is an awfully brave thing for you to do. I often free write in my journal to center myself before starting my day, but I never thought about sharing it with the world. I am shaking just thinking about it.:-) However, I think that publishing a free write on my blog would be a good exercise for me. It would help to challenge my wanting things to be perfect–even though there is no such thing. 😉

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Good on ya for taking up the challenge Lisa! I can’t wait to see the end result as I think it’s important for people to explore that unedited part of themselves that they would otherwise shield from people.

  12. J.D. Meier says:

    Ha – December was my month of Egg McMuffins. I’m over it now, but I had a good run.

    I tend to draw from stream of conscious when I’m solving problems for friends, or in the zone, and whipping out emails or blog posts. I thrive on speed, keeping it raw and real, and dumping quick thoughts. A lot of times I come across something I wrote and I don’t remember writing it … I was in the zone, and just dumped top of mind.

    I don’t tend to edit much unless it’s to make it more compact, or to structure the thinking in a more effective way. My email tends to be more raw than my posts, but that’s because of context.

    I think what helps me write without editing is that I care more about sharing insight or action than impressing with prose. I always measure against effectiveness.

    Your exercise reminded me of one of my favorite posts on the Web. It’s “Death by risk-aversion” on the Creating Passionate Users blog. It’s about how over-thinking can kill a hot idea.

  13. Baker says:

    Hey Amit,
    How is it going? I actually have a category in my blog called, ‘free writing’ I’d be interested in writing an unedited post and meet the challenge. Awesome idea.

  14. I Write says:

    hey, this sounds like fun. i’ll give it a try.

    you make me smile with your references to egg mcmuffins and getting naked with us. not sure if i should really be trying it because i may reveal the ‘real’ me to you and the rest of the world if i really get going. could go on rambling for a very long time.

    thinking that i’m glad i met you on twitter because i saw you were a friend of arvind. he is what i’d describe as awesome.

    i loved your picture of getting started running to train for the marathon. i hope the fundraising goes well and that training does to – but you gotta stay away from those egg mcmuffins!

    ok, my hand is giving out before my brain (physical challenges). will have to try it sometime without the rest of cyberspace looking in. great idea, thanks.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Well hey there and welcome to the experiment! Glad you enjoyed and all this talk of Egg McMuffins is making me hungry…I’d better go eat porridge and some good carbs into me!

      Thanks for your wishes about the marathon and for your joining in the exercise! Have loads of fun with it and don’t worry about what people think, I’m sure we’ve yet to see the most amazing creatively genius side to you yet! 🙂

  15. Terri Gregory says:

    Okay, random comment. not sure how much how little to say. write morning pages everyday long hand . can’t do without it. Julia Cameron’s idea. really should do the artist’s date too. too busy. school and kids and husband. dog gone I can get a lot done when hubby’s not going to be home. but hey he goes to work so i should cook dinner. sometimes i hate cooking. love eating healthy food tho. hate junk food. gotta lose weight. good thing we joined the y. teenager has math exam tomorrow . arrrrrggggg!!!!!! why do i feel a sense of responsibility? not my fault. it’s her journey. why doesn’t she study?? think positively. the law of attraction. doodle a positive image 🙂 yes, positive. think about positive things. affirmations and intentions. going now …. thanks for listening. random!!!! random musings.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Terri, that’s awesome! What a way to get an insight into you! I’m loving the musings and I was just watching those videos you posted of Jim Carey talking about Ekhart and his experiences.

      Your chain sounds a lot like mine too, a million thoughts a day all josling for that little space and recognition…

  16. Hmmm….random unedited thoughts. That’s strange. I wonder what would come out of my mind. I don’t have any idea what I’m thinking about half the time. It seems like my brain is always going going going. WTH am I supposed to do if something crazy pops up and then I write it down…I can’t post that. Okay maybe I won’t use this idea on my blog since I think a lot of weird stuff like about conspiracies and what not…but I can use it just for the heck of it. I can use it to get brainstorming ideas on paper and just to get a better idea of what’s on my mind. I should probably stop typing now (eating cashews…) before this gets so damn long that Amit thinks I’ve lost my mind. I really don’t like to look crazy in public. Not that I’m crazy in private or at all…and not that there’s anything wrong with being crazy. I mean without crazy people there wouldn’t be sane people. Okay…hit submit already

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Heh nice Nea! You know I had similar thoughts this morning, what if I write something 18+ as zeenat said and one of my other friends, a comedian said, men think about sex every 6 seconds so this could potentially be a dangerous experiment! 😀 but I loved doing it and I find it so much fun. Thank you so much for joining in! 🙂

  17. Roman Soluk says:

    Really good idea, but a bit complicated for me as I’m not a native speaker of English, so I do need to edit my thoughts.

    But still nice idea, Amit! 😉

  18. Stuart says:

    Good God Amit, this is my first time stopping by your website and you throw this at me?! Nah, I’m kidding Amit, this was a glorious post which I can wholeheartedly relate to.

    When I write my posts, I write it out in full, then check for spelling/grammar. Then that’s it! Away it goes into the big wide world. No second/third/fourth drafts. And I like it that way.

    We have to use our voice when writing, otherwise people will pick up on it. No-one appreciates it if you try and be someone else. It’s just not worth it to be anyone other than yourself.

    Cool website you’ve got here my friend, I think I might have to come back again. And again. And again 😉

    P.S. Good luck with your training! 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Stuart, so privileged to have you pop by! So you’re another that I’m jealous of who can write so easily…:-P LOL

      That’s fab, it’s an amazing skill to have an I admire anyone who can write so freely…I’m practising, and learning slowly but surely!

      Thanks for your comment my friend and great to connect with you!

  19. Hi Amit.

    This is a cool concept. I just wanted to follow up on the invitation to me by saying I shouldn’t post my unedited thoughts. I think I have to edit my thoughts for them to be valuable for others. I don’t think my unedited thoughts would be valuable to others. This is not the case for all people, but I am saying this just about my own.

    Glad to respond here.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      You know Armen, even if you don’t publish them, I really recommend you try this exercise only once, even in private, also in your native tongue. I think you’ll really enjoy the results! Let me know if you decide to try it and what kind of results you get.

  20. Aaron Sayer says:

    Whoa! Good stuff right there! I like how you include your actions as well haha, this is a fantastic idea and I wanna try it 😀

  21. Aaron Sayer says:

    Whoa! Good stuff right there! I like how you include your actions as well haha, this is a fantastic idea and I wanna try it 😀

  22. Pragna says:

    Unedited Writing – Chapter 1.
    Am sitting on the tube and staring at the ladies shoes, standing in front of me. They guy standing next to her is holding a bag from the west Cornwall pasty company. Hmmm I feel hungry now. I think I will pick up a subway breakfast on my way in. Or maybe stop at the little cafe next to Aldgate and get some toast. I don’t know. I’m kinda feeling the sub this morning. I really should have brought in breakfast but I forgot to pack it last night and couldn’t be bothered to make my sandwiches. So boring. But important as I need to save money. I’ve hardly got any cash left in my account and it’s not pay day for another 8 days ://
    Oh well. I must sit down and do some budgeting this weekend to see where I am spending it all….

    I should be saving for my SA trip. Guess will have to dip into my savings :s
    But at least I have savings. I think next year I will have to plan carefully and not make impulse purchases. A bit like my flights to SA.
    Although I do really wanna see T. Now I’m thinking about T and haven’t spoken to her properly on Skype in a while.
    Another guy standing in front of me and he yawned. Thankfully he covered his mouth. What is it with people yawning and not covering their mouths, on the tube?? Well annoying. As annoying as people ( Adults) not knowing the difference between your and you’re. Or to and too and their and there! Really?? I mean it’s not that hard is it?

    So I’m thinking about saving money again. Need to get my windows and doors replaced at home. Hmmm.
    Woman sitting opposite just smiled at me as I looked up. Very rare moment on the tube. I wished people would talk more sometimes. Now that’s got me thinking about James. What a guy. He talks to random strangers on the
    Tube. I guess I should try it some time.
    I have done in the past.
    I’m not quite sure where I am at the moment. I can’t recall hearing the last announcement. Actually I did hear it but I wasn’t listening. Ah ok cool we are at Liverpool street.
    Ok so I think this is quite good. Writing down thoughts. Random eh?
    But quite liberating. I will definitely do this again. Hell, I might even post it on Facebook… Ok maybe not Facebook as too many connections and I don’t want everyone to read my inner thoughts. I have a feeling that as I progress with this unedited writing it will open my thoughts up a bit more and get deeper…
    I need to get off the tube now.
    Ciao xx

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Pragna,

      Thank you for your unedited diary, what did you make of the experiment? x

      • Pragna says:

        Hi Amit 🙂

        I found the experiment quite ‘liberating’. I can definitely see how valuable and useful this exercise would be for me on a continuous basis.
        I will certainly be doing it again soon 🙂


  23. inspired female says:

    for starters i wanted to say that this is something i do on a regular basis, i find that if i write down everything im thinking about it helps me to organise my scattered thoughts so i have more clarity over what i want in different areas of my life. not only that it just helps really to get everything out of my head in a way. i even write the things i doubt and fear about as well!

  24. Vicki Wright says:

    Free at last! I already tend to write whatever is on my mind and esp if I am responsdingt to something someone has posted and once I get going, I have said so much and KNOW I should edit some of it, but instead I keep writing and writing and writing…..until it sooooooooo Guiness Book of World Record’s long that it would take me too long to edit it – and so I do the simple thing , the cowardly thing – and I simply hit delete. (except occasionally I know there are tidbitds of genius in there and/or I’ve made such excellent points that maybe instead I will decide to copy it and paste into a draft email and tuck it away in my drafts folder for sone future essay – or maybe a book – or maybe a collection of thoughts…..as if anyone really cares. BUT again my hope remains these are not wasted thoughts or wasted words – and maybe there are some points that can used in a more coherent piece in the future . I vacillate back and forth….but find such a sense of relief in releasing my thoughts in words and on “paper” (figuratively speaking, of course…) ….and also knowing they are not wasted , as long as they remain in my private draft inbox….which is overflowing now ….just like my brain so much of the time. So I should stop now with this experiment…altho if I wasn’t tired after pulling an all-nighter with my insomniac doppelgänger, I could go on. But I won’t continue for now – and instead I say a great BIG thanks for the idea and “permission” to write whatever is in my head at the moment. My only regret is that all the brilliant and creative ideas I normally possess seem to have escaped me tonight…..er this morning. Thank you again…….and look forward to reading the works of fellow ramblers who also bravely parachuted out of their airplane heads to free fall in the wind and hopefully then land in an open field and on something soft , and feeling like they have accomplished something in this new adventure. Oops I forgot I was naked tho…and am sure I’ll find out later that I did get a few scratches on the way down, but I am still alive……. and it didn’t hurt TOO bad, anyway…….. Goodnight to all…..and Happy Free-Writing!

  25. Rodrigo says:

    Man, I understand what you say but seriously, I think there are things which are unspeakable and which, if I tried to fill them with random tries (or trials?) it just wouldn`t ever get the right meaning and the writing would take absolutely forever. It is a challenge to decide the proper words without much effort, but how can one accept a mistake without running back and try to fix it? Wouldn`t it be similar to lying to people?

    I understand the language as a mean of transmitting information and for so it`s necessary to use your memory to remember the correct symbols, the ones that will fit your needs more efficiently. This is why we all study grammar, it makes the information straight forward.

    By the way, I didn`t – mechanically – edit this reply…
    But I can`t say I didn`t do it with my mind, before writing – on the go

    And I`m really liking this website

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Rodrigo, thank you for the response. The main purpose of the exercise is to become more fluid at writing and not to create a perfect piece using the exercise. You can use it as the beginning of an article but then you revert back to the proper editing once you’ve captured the idea. 🙂

  26. sakina lokhandwala says:

    I also want to leave my comment fast, will i be able to impress him. so what if i cannot after all we have never met, i’m feeling happy. i am unable to think of something good, well let me try, school days were best. i love skating in vizag, huzefa patan taught me, but i dont like him, i like murtaza. can i meet him again, chocolate cone yum, feeling sleepy, now i’ll try to hyonotize myself. i’m confused which thought to think further,car mi hace nloded my etes and im ryping.never tried this bedfore. its exvitjihg. car veautiful dress. the above sentence is:
    I have closed my eyes and i’m typing.

  27. Muhammad says:

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    I most certainly will highly recommend this web site!

  28. Chinyelu says:

    Really on point! and some inspiring… indeed, rambling and naked writing is revolutionary! when you are not by rules or scared of right formats and the traditional way writings ought to go… those can be so limiting, I tell you… its fun breaking the rules! and interesting too in a way. the best part of it is that whichever way you choose to go about the writing, you uncover and discover your style! that’s what originality is all about! confidence in what you have and being free to express your self… and that also opens up depths of creativity…cos you have no limitations to consider, it also boost confidence… when you realize what fun you when you go back to read those unguarded, humorous thoughts!… I think I will love to keep putting down my unedited thoughts. than k you! for this wake up call.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Chinyelu, such an unusual and lovely name! Thank you so much for the comment and I’m so glad you found it useful, feel free to share more of your unedited thoughts! 🙂

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