How to Spice Up Your Life through Variety

Editors Note: This is a fantastic guest post by Eduard Ezeanu of People Skills Decoded.

I find that variety is one of those key ingredients of a happy life that we don’t talk much about. We talk about money, success, relationships, but when it comes to variety, all we have to say is: “Oh yeah, variety matters as well”.

No, it doesn’t just matter, okay? It matters a lot.

I believe that variety is one of the most important determinants of our overall life satisfaction. We humans are hardwired to need a constant dose of novelty and freshness in our life. And when we lack it, life quickly becomes boring, stale and unfulfilling, often despite many other positive things that may happen in it.

Working as a coach, I quickly noticed that we frequently make choices that bring success, relationships, financial security or a sense of stability in our lives, but at the cost of variety. Like, for example, the choice to buy a house and live in one place your entire life, when you could be travelling and experiencing new places and new cultures on a regular basis.

And it’s fine to sacrifice novelty sometimes. The problem is that many of us sacrifice it too often, in too many ways. And we hope that what we get in return will be worth it, but in the end, it seldom is.

With this in mind, I want to share with you some practical, tried and tested ideas for adding more variety in your life and spicing it up, which you can begin applying as soon as you’re done reading this.

Think In Terms Of Places, People and Activities

I divide the aspects of life where diversity applies in 3 major categories: places, people and activities.

Places refers to the locations where you live, work and perform your activities. People refers to the individuals you interact with, both in your personal and professional life. And activities refers to the things you do.

I have this empirically confirmed theory that if you have a lot of variety in at least 2 out of these 3 categories, your life will be very fun and exciting. So you can have a small degree of variety in one category; if you have a lot in the other two it doesn’t matter that much.

For instance, you can live your whole life in one relatively small town and rarely visit any other places, but if you constantly meet new people and expand your social circle, plus you frequently try all sorts of new things (hobbies, sports, etc), your life will feel vibrant and you’ll be happy.

Have a look at these 3 main categories. Do you experience a good dose of novelty regularly in at least 2 of them?

If the answer is ‘no’, know that this is the most common answer. Nevertheless, it’s a sign that you need to consider making some changes in your life. To pick one or two of these categories and see how you can add more variety in them.

It’s Crucial To Plan Variety into Your Life

It is often said that what doesn’t get planned doesn’t get done. This is very true with respect to variety as well. It’s not enough to just realize you need more variety in life and decide to add it.

In order to actually experience more variety, it’s key to plan it into your life. Otherwise you’ll instinctively get back to doing the same old things, in the same old ways, and your life will obviously feel unexciting.

Do you set weekly, monthly or yearly goals for yourself? Well, when you do so, make sure you take your desire for novelty into account and set goals that will create lots of it, in terms of places, people or activities.

Do you decide each day how you’re gonna spend it? When you do so, think about variety again and see how you can add a generous dose of it. For example, when you think about dinner, consider going to a new place, or trying a new dish, or eating with people you never ate dinner with before.

It’s these small and big decisions that effectively make your life more adventurous and fun.

Learn To Be a Risk-Taker

When you pick a specific way to add variety to your life and you start thinking about implementing it, a surge of anxiety may go through your body. All of a sudden you’ll be fearful and hesitant, and tempted to stick with the old and familiar.

You see, novelty entails fun and excitement, but it also entails risk and uncertainty. And your mind wants you to avoid the latter.

Fortunately, most of the time, new things aren’t particularly risky, especially if you take some precautions, so it’s well worth taking the risks. Unfortunately, often your mind will overstate the risks and make trying small new experiences seem downright dangerous.

This is why many people dread doing new activities, going to new places or meeting new people. And they end up missing out on a lot on life because of irrational fear.

So it’s chief to become aware that, usually, the perceived risks are much higher than in reality, and to be willing to push out of your comfort zone and try new experiences even if they scare you. And the end of the day, I promise you that it will be worth it. You’ll have lots of fun and you’ll also become more comfortable with taking risks.

This is how you spice up your life. Remember that life is short and live every minute of it to the fullest. Don’t fall into routine and apathy. There’s a huge world out there, filled with fun, novelty and adventure, and it’s just waiting for you to discover it.

Eduard Ezeanu coaches shy guys who seek to understand how to be friendly and confident, and he helps them expand their social life in order to find more fulfillment. He also writes on his blog, People Skills Decoded, on a regular basis.

13 Responses

  1. Amit Sodha says:

    Hi Eduard, and thank you for your second awesome guest article! As much as I’m a person who enjoys a bit of routine, my life would be so dull without some variety.

    There are so many things to do and explore out there, you never know what passion or talent you might discover!

    Recently the missus and I went away and we tried laser clay pigeon shooting. She was phenomenal at it, totally spanked my ass! And the great things is, I now say to people, mess with me and she will sniper you!!! 😆

    What about you? What new things have you specifically tried?

  2. @amitsodha says:

    How to Spice Up Your Life through Variety

  3. Chris Akins says:

    I agree, variety is not something I think about much, but it is a definite plus when it comes to happiness. It is all too easy to get stuck in the routines of life, and ignore the need for adventure. I find that if I can get out of that routine at least once each week, a lot of the other aspects of variety you mention fall into place: I meet new people and experience new things. Even just going to the pub on a Friday, or taking a hike in the mountains… whatever it is seems to expose me to new people and things. Ive also found that joining groups, like my running club, diving club, beer brewing club – is great for adding variety to my life.

    But again, I never really thought about how much that variety means to me. Thanks for adding to my awareness.


  4. Thats so true Amit. Though I also feel that Variety is so important in our lives, some people spoil their entire life just looking for that thrill always.
    It is so important to understand the underlying reason, why you are running after variety. Is it because you are not satisfied here now, is it because the newness has faded away or is it because you love to travel, it makes you feel alive.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Dilpreet,

      Great to have you comment on here for the first time. You raise a valid point. Variety should not be seen as escapism. It’s just a form of enrichment. It is there to enhance our experience of life and not just because we feel a sense of boredom.

      Thanks again for commenting. You’re always welcome.

    • Oh, yes. You’re not running away from something, you’re aiming towards a certain life.

  5. Kevin says:

    It resonates to me so well, I remember when I had approach anxiety and by taking risks I got over it. Well written keep it up! 🙂

  6. skittles234 says:

    Eduard, your new hobby looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing that video – looks like an elegant combination of salsa, ballroom dancing and the Irish barn dance!

    Also, thank you for this fab article! It’s amazing how even little things like trying out a new restaurant or even playing cards with your family after dinner can have such a wonderful, new, positive effect on yourself and your loved ones!

    And I agree with all the points on this article because I’m an Aries, so I’m typically looking for new ways of spicing up my hobbies/interests/love life 😉
    As a result, I organise monthly spiritual music jams (which has a jazzy, R&B, soul music type of vibe to it) and other such networking events. It is through these events that I have made some awesome new friends and met my future hubby, all of whom continue to enrich my life in some way so I hope the people reading this blog and comments will be inspired enough to bring a bit of masala into their daily routine 🙂

    Amit, you’re man enough to admit that your girlfriend’s better than you at handling a sniper gun! What else is she good at eh? 😉

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