10 Riveting Tips For Making Dating More Fun

I’ve often said to people that despite having lived in London for over 28 years, I really don’t know the city that well.

If a tourist came to me and asked me what the great places to see in London are, sure, I’d be able to name all the famous sights, but I wouldn’t really be able to guide them to find the true gems; the real things that make London a fantastic city.

My 30 day challenge to myself for the month of September is to see more of London and to really get to know the city.

I doubt I’ll do everything in 30 days but I sure want to try and do things I’ve never done before.

I mentioned to my better half that I’ve always wanted to visit the British Library. She, being a librarian, loved the idea and so yesterday we finally got to go!

Although some sections were closed I’m so glad it’s something I’ve finally done.

As it turned out we had an awesome date and was the perfect place to have one. It’s romantic, peaceful, and full of culture and history. It also reminded that dates need not be boring and done in the usual way of drinks and meals.

There are so many ways of making dating more fun, sophisticated, enjoyable and most of all memorable!

Next time you have a date lined up, to have a more fun experience, bear these few things in mind:

1. Avoid the usual kinds of dates.

Drinks and meals are okay, but lack real imagination. By all means start with a coffee and go from there.

2. Try something different

You’ll be amazed at the kind of simple venues that add the best kind of spark to a date. Something as simple as a park or library can be enchanting.

3. Play simple games

Rather than just offering information as most people do. If asked about your favorite holiday destination, make them guess by offering clues

4. Even the journey can be an exciting part of the date.

Meet before hand and look for things to do on the next date. (Planning ahead can often earn you brownie points!) You’ll be surprised at how many fresh ideas a regular sight my spawn.

5. Choose each others meals

When I said avoid meals I didn’t necessarily mean I hope you both starve on the date. Naturally you’re going to get hungry at some stage so instead of choosing your own, choose each others meal and share food. (Unlike Joey who doesn’t share food! :-P)

6. Double date, triple date, quadruple date

I’m not sure the correct vernacular to choose after quadruple but you get the idea, maybe even take single friends along and who knows what may come of the introductions.

7. A date doesn’t necessarily have to expensive

In fact, all the best dates I’ve ever had have been the things that are available to do for free. Expensive meals set benchmark high and could eventually cost you a second mortgage. 🙁

8. Be on TV

You can even go to watch the filming of TV shows, as the audience, and most of the time tickets are free.

9. Bar the Bar

Personally, I find bars an absolute no-no for dates, unless it’s a quiet venue. Busy bars mean you’ll be shouting and spitting in each others ears. For some, probably way too much invasion of personal space.

10. Be imaginative

Lastly, to go into a date with a better attitude and to relieve some of the tension, Imagine you and your date are skiving from school or work! What would you do and where would you go? This kind of creative thinking makes it much easier to have fun and feel less nervous about the date.

What else do you do, or have you done to make dating more fun?

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  1. Ushi says:

    Go karting was a fun first date someone took me on! As was ice skating, if the dates in winter you can even go outdoors! But the BEST first date I ever had had to be a trip to Brighton where we walked miles on the pebbles, played arcade games, ate chips on the pier and then walked through the lanes… the last stop was the beach train. Absolutely divine date… shame he wasn’t the one after all that hey!! 😉

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Ushi,

      Wow go karting as a first date? I have to say whoever it was has got style! I’ve taken people on the Ice Skating date before which was great fun.

      Strangely though you said you enjoyed the Brighton date the most? It just goes to show the most simple ones can be the best! 🙂

    • skittles234 says:

      hey Ushi,

      OMG ur Brighton date sounds like so much fun! i remember years ago, i went on a date where we had a picnic at the top of a hill then used a skateboard to slide all the way down – we did this like a million times and it was such an adrenaline rush!

      the guy was a prick in the end so thankfully i ended it with him on time but the idea was so unique and fun 🙂
      maybe i could take my current boyfriend on a similar experience like that, not sure wot he wud think though… Amit, wot are ur views on this? 😉

  2. skittles234 says:

    love this article dude! hits the nail on the head – a fantastic guide for singles and couples looking to spice up their social and romantic lifestyles!
    p.s. who’s the lucky gal? 😉 xx

  3. Ushi says:

    Skittles… do it.. that sounds awesome!
    Fingers crossed I find the perfect one to go on an awesome date with soon too! LOL bring him on!

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