5 Super Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Modern Dating Apps

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As an expert dating coach, the comments about modern dating apps, getting in the way of dating and spoiling everything, are amongst the most common I get.

Lets face it, modern dating apps aren’t going anywhere right now, so we might as well get used to them, and understand how to let leverage them to truly meet someone for a fulfilling relationship.

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Modern Dating Apps Aren’t All Bad

Modern dating apps are not bad at all. Saying they’re all terrible in tarnishing them with the same brush, in the same way some people say that all people are bad. Or saying that all men are bad, or all women are bad.

As we know, that isn’t the case. Some people learn to become incredibly successful using apps to meet an enormous amount of prospective dates while.

It’s all about learning to ‘play the game’.

Read that again.

It’s not about playing games, it’s about learning to play the game and understand how it works.

It’s like learning to play the business game, playing the game of money.

There’s no difference in that respect. There’s a process and a fun in the process you can have to really enjoy the journey of meeting your soulmate.

Modern dating apps also come with a huge amount to tools to support your process. Don’t succumb, as so many do, to becoming a ‘passive compulsive swiper’.

5 ways to not let modern dating apps get the best of you.

1. Don’t become a passive compulsive swiper

As I mentioned above, don’t do what most people do and mindlessly swipe through profiles taking the first look at someone and dismissing them immediately.

Consciously take a little bit more time and slowly scroll though people. When you find someone you think would be compatible, drop them a personalised message.

2. Make the most of messaging.

Don’t copy and paste messages that you’ve already sent to others. Your message speaks volumes about who you are. No matter who is on the other side, just remember, they’re just like you, hoping to find the one person in amongst the masses.

Of course, it’s only natural that you will meet a few bad apples, just don’t give them any airtime. You have the power in your fingertips to block them immediately.

Keep your messages short and simple, and try not to overthink what you’re going to say. Just take a look at their profile and see what stands out as a way to begin a conversation.

If all else fails – keep it simple – ‘Hi ***, I saw your profile and I really wanted to connect. I’m Amit, I see you’ve been to Egypt and saw the pyramids,

3. Use your profile as your calling card to the world.

Your profile on modern dating apps is your greatest tool. Similar to sending out a C.V. for jobs, but of course with a different intent.

Treat your profile like a broadcast. Use a great picture, a catchy headline, speak of yourself highly like your were talking about your best friend.

Keep your profile fun but also keep it clear and concise about who you are and what you’re looking for. Don’t delve into what you’re not looking for. Don’t spread that energy out there about yourself.

We’re always ready to speak highly of someone we know, so why not do the same of yourself. Write your profile just like you were writing it for someone else.

4. Try as many modern dating apps as you can.

All the apps out there offer something different and have a variety of features to make the most of. Some focus on your location. Others focus on asking personality questions and others are specific for your gender or sexuality.

Try them all. Once you prepared your profile for one, you can easily copy and paste it others. Once you’ve figured out which ones work for you, stick to those few and keep them updated.

Remember, we live in a world with ever decreasing attention spans. Being on a few increases the chances you will be spotted.

There were days when I was dating that I would accidentally swipe past someone that looked like a great match. I would then find them on another app. Remember there is someone out there hoping they see you again too!

5. Keep the end goal in mind, not the minor hiccups.

I know it can get frustrating with the minor hiccups, but the key is to not let the hiccups distract you from the big goal. Keep you eye laser focussed on the end goal and don’t allow yourself to veer off in different directions.

These modern dating apps are just a tool. They have given you the gift of access to the meet people from all walks of life from all across the globe.

They have allowed you to expand your horizons way beyond what it once was, so stay grateful for that gift. Understand they have allowed you to show the world who you really are and why are you are truly the most amazing catch that anyone can have.

Dating apps are so powerful and like anything, it’s about the hand that’s holding the tool, and not the tool itself. You are blessed with the ability to reach so many more people than you ever did in the past.

How’s your dating experience of modern dating apps been so far? Will this help you make changes so you can meet the right one?

Share your thoughts with the world :-)