Navigating the Modern Dating Dictionary: From Zombieing to Love Bombing

Modern Dating Dictionary - Zombieing, Love Bombing, Ghosting, Orbiting, Rizzing,

Ah, modern dating – a realm where emojis speak louder than words, and swipes replace serendipitous encounters. It has created what we all never though we needed, a modern dating dictionary!

In this contemporary landscape of romance, communication has evolved, and so have the quirky terms that define our tumultuous journeys through the dating world.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we take a humorous and insightful journey through the wild, woolly, and sometimes weird lexicon of modern dating!

Zombieing: The Return of the Ex

What does Zombieing mean? Well, remember that person who ghosted you ages ago? Well, brace yourself, because they’re back from the dating dead. Zombieing is when an ex suddenly resurrects themselves, often right when you’re finally moving on. It’s like a rom-com twist you never signed up for. Inconceivable!

Love Bombing: Showering Affection like Confetti

Ever met someone who floods your WhatsApps / Snapchats / Insta DMs with heart emojis, paragraphs of admiration, and enough sweet nothings to give you a sugar rush? That, my friends, is love bombing! It’s like a romantic meteor shower, leaving you both dazzled and slightly overwhelmed. Just remember, not all that glitters is gold – sometimes it’s just glitter. This my friends, is what love bombing is.

Ghosting: The Houdini Act of Dating

Picture this: you’re having a seemingly great conversation, and then poof – they disappear like a magician’s assistant. Ghosting, the act of vanishing without a trace, can leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe. Did they find the Bermuda Triangle of love? Or are they just bad at replying? It’s a phenomenon that’s as perplexing as it is frustrating. Essentially, they’re like Casper, but a lot less nice.

And we’re only just getting started with this modern dating dictionary!

Gaslighting: Manipulation on Steroids

Imagine being told that what you remember isn’t accurate, or that your emotions are just overreactions. That’s gaslighting for you, the art of making you doubt your own reality. It’s like someone took the plot of a psychological thriller and turned it into a dating strategy – not cool man, not cool at all.

Ever kept someone around as a backup while you explore other options? That’s cookie-jarring – maintaining a Plan B while diving into the alphabet of Plan A, B, and sometimes even C. It’s like a dating bakery with a shelf full of tempting romantic treats just in case your cravings change.

Had enough yet? Oh we’re only just getting started baby!

Cobwebbing: A Spooky Spin on Rekindling

You know those connections where you think you’ve totally gotten over it, only to have them resurface, That’s cobwebbing – when old flames or dates crawl out from the corners of your past. Much like clearing out your attic, it can be nostalgic or downright creepy, depending on what you uncover.

Breadcrumbing: The Digital Trail of False Hope

Ever received sporadic likes, occasional comments, and the occasional vague message from a potential romantic interest? That’s breadcrumbing. It’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for someone to follow, except these breadcrumbs lead to more confusion than a Hansel and Gretel story.

Orbiting: The Cosmic Twist to Ignoring

You’ve been ghosted, but they’re still watching your Instagram stories and liking your tweets. That’s orbiting – maintaining a digital distance while keeping you in their peripheral vision. It’s like they’ve entered the realm of the twilight zone, where the lines between interest and indifference blur.

Rizzing: The Rebranded Netflix and Chill

Remember Netflix and Chill? Well, say hello to its sophisticated cousin, Rizzing – a combination of “relaxing” and “Netflix.” It’s an excuse to hang out and pretend like you’re just chilling, when really, you’re hoping the other person suggests a movie you can actually focus on between awkward glances. It’s where you managed to sweet talk your from friends into something more spicy! Ooh la la!

Situationships: The Grey Area of Romance

Are you dating? Are you just friends? Is it complicated? Welcome to the world of situationships, where labels go to die and ambiguity reigns supreme. It’s like navigating a maze with no map and no clear end. But hey, at least you’re not alone in the labyrinth of emotions.

Swipe Right for Authenticity: The New ‘Happily Ever After’

So there you have it, a Modern Dating Dictionary to help you navigate, in a world where online profiles are carefully curated and edited like movie trailers, perhaps the most important term is authenticity.

Amid the love bombings, ghostings, and rizzings, soft launches, and navigating the three flags e.g. green beige and red, finding someone real is like striking gold in a treasure hunt.

So there you have it – a glimpse into the colourful language that shapes our modern dating experiences. From the highs of love bombing to the lows of ghosting, the dating dictionary has expanded to encompass the many twists and turns of digital romance.

Just remember, in this ever-evolving landscape, the best strategy is to stay true to yourself and keep your sense of humour intact. After all, love may be a wild ride, but it’s the quirky terms that make it an unforgettable journey.

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