A Quirky Little Guide To Giving The Perfect Hug On Valentines Day

I love hugs! They are one of my favourite things in the whole world! This Valentines day I would like to steer you towards giving the perfect hug to you loved ones and truly express what they mean to you!

You’ve heard of limp handshakes right? Well there are people out there who give the most limp, lacklustre hugs too! 🙁 NO NO NO NO NO!

When you give a hug it has to be done properly!

When you give a hug the right way, it’s better than, dare I say it…SEX!! :-O dun-dun-dun! (Most Women will agree, most men will disagree; therein lies the difference in the sexes!) 😆

The truth is – I give the best hugs in the world bar none, so that makes me somewhat a worldwide authority on the subject. 😛 I would like to pass on some of my wisdom to you so that when you give a hug today, on Valentines Day, it has INTENSITY, POWER, FEELS WONDERFUL , and doesn’t make the recipient feel like they’re being hugged by a lamp post!

  1. The secret to a great hug is preparation – make sure you limber up, stretch out and loosen those muscles! We wouldn’t want any hugging injuries now! I for one, being a life-size, giant cuddly teddy bear, pick people up when I hug them to make them feel like they’re flying!The secret to the best hugs are giving all of yourself to the person you are hugging! The way to that is be facing them fully. NO SIDEWAYS HALF HUGS ALLOWED!It has to be an embrace fully body to full body!
  2. Next, you have to hug them like you mean it. You saw the picture above. Take that advice literally! Hug people like you have not seen them in years, and like you may never see them again!Even if you’ve seen that person yesterday, it doesn’t matter! PRETEND you’ve not seen them in 10 years like you’ve been away at sea and you’ve just returned from your travels! (Aye Aye Captain!)Then pretend this could be the last time you may see them. – which, lets face it – is always true no matter what. We never truly know which precious moment on this planet will be our last!
  3. Lastly – when you hug your loved one this Valentines Day – give it your all. Do it with absolute vulnerability. Give of yourself everything and expect nothing. Let that act be totally free! Don’t love because you want love back. Don’t hug to get something back – hug without any expectation of anything in return!

There we have it – my little guide to giving the perfect hug on valentines day! Enjoy and cherish every second with your loved ones, not just today, but every single day!

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