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What Thought Is Strongest? (WHAT-TIS) 6

What Thought Is Strongest? (WHAT-TIS)

The WHAT-TIS Principle Which force drives you more? Is it fear? Or is it regret? Both can be powerful motivators. They are not the only motivators but they are both very powerful none the...

100 Days of Vision…Day 38 0

100 Days of Vision…Day 38

Life in the 21st Century. How to Excel Saying that life in the 21st century is challenging and confusing is probably a huge understatment! We’ve entered a new paradigm especially with technology and all...

Making Sacrifices 3

Making Sacrifices

One thing you do learn very quickly with the power of choice and that is that sacrifice is a huge part of it. You will quickly realise that you can’t have everything that you...