5 star review  High recommend Amit as a life coach. He helped me overcome something I had struggled with for over 27 years. He passion, understanding and wanting to see me succeed made it so much easier for me to learn more about myself and just work towards being happy and living in the moment. I am finally at peace and feel so much stronger.

    thumb Jayna Patel
    August 18, 2018

    5 star review  I wasn’t too sure what to expect out of my dating coaching sessions from Amit, but as I’d already been on one of his half day Dating Mastery seminars, I knew that at I would definitely learn something new about this mysterious art form known as dating in the online age! What I actually found was that it was simply a case of him getting to know me in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and finding out how I was currently going about dating. Then pointing out little tips, on how I could do it better. The strange thing was that they weren’t anything complicated or esoteric. Now that I’ve been shown them, they seem so obvious! Sometimes the simplest answers are the best. It was only a few minutes into our first session before he saw improvements that I could start making. Practical tips that could be implemented immediately. He cleared some misunderstandings I had, about how women’s minds work or hadn’t even thought about much and gave some tasks each session, to work on in my own time. All these things progressing me to making it more likely that I’ll be successful in this dating game. Success being: in a long-term committed relationship. I’m sure that everyone’s experience is different, but there are some common themes that would help anyone’s game. A pro like Amit can show you both the common and the individual success factors. If you are struggling and not sure why, I highly recommend you give Amit’s coaching a try!

    thumb Minal Shah
    April 7, 2019

    5 star review  Amit's support was life saving to me in my very dark and challenging times. His approach is professional, with empathy, understanding and attentiveness. His positive influence changed my life and career direction. Not only do I recommend him to as many people as I can, I have also invited him to my workplace to deliver presentations. Not everyone can ask for help when they need it, and many don't realise they need it, but amit encourages conversation in an approachable way, that is more akin to a heartfelt chat with an old friend, in front of a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate! I would recommend him and I would encourage you to seek him out. Make that connection, you will never regret it.

    thumb Kavita Sohanta
    January 19, 2019

    5 star review  Amit kindly came to a support group I run for South Asians in London who'd like to improve their mental health and well being. He was incredibly articulate and spoke with so much honesty about some tough and heavy concepts. The entire group was touched by his story, experiences and I think him being a male was especially helpful because we are under-represented on that front both as a community and within our support group. He was interactive, engaging and fun - during a moment of particular vulnerability for one group member Amit handled the situation so well, I wish he could be present there all the time! Thank you once again Amit, I really appreciate your efforts (for which he did not charge a single penny) and kindness towards me and my work! Hope to collaborate again soon 🙂 Sonam Patel (re:Route Harrow support group founder)

    thumb Sonam Patel
    September 24, 2018

    5 star review  For many years, I have struggled with dating women, yet there has never been any obvious reason as to why I would have such difficulty. Being a tall, well educated and successful 28 year old man with a plethora of good attributes, it has bewildered myself and those around me as to why I was unable to find a partner. I then discovered the Dating & Love Mastery group on Facebook, which made me realise where I was going wrong for years: it was my approach and mindset. I followed Amit’s advice, in the form of a series of excellent videos that cover many aspects of mindset and approach to dating, which has worked wonders on my dating life. I incorporated his advice by revamping my online dating profiles and making changes to the way that I communicate with my matches, and I instantly started to see a difference: I had more initial conversations, secured more first dates and most importantly, I went on subsequent dates with those people. Ultimately, it has recently led to me going exclusive with a lady that I have been going on dates with. The advice on the Dating & Love Mastery group has completely changed my romantic life, and I highly recommend it to anyone who either struggles to get into a relationship or feels like they have hit a ‘dry patch’ with their current approach to dating.

    thumb Sunny Burk
    April 14, 2019

RT – London City Professional – Relationship Seminar Attendee.

“I would highly recommend Amit’s insightful and really interactive sessions. Having not done this sort of thing before, I really resonated with a lot of the points and found that they have made me more self-aware of how to perceive and respond to human communications especially when dealing with the opposite sex. In turn, confidence and self-esteem has been boosted as well as a better understanding as to how progress a relationship. Amit is a really warm and personable individual – definitely looking forward to more such sessions in the future. I found it most refreshing.”

RS – Teacher – Relationship Seminar Attendee.

“Amit’s coaching workshop gave me a greater insight into how I think about myself and what my barriers are in meeting and approaching the opposite sex. We had conversations in a confidential and comfortable environment and the tasks that were set were fun, motivating and helped to build up self confidence and self-esteem. A great guy with a great sense of humour. I would recommend Amit’s session.”

AR – London City Professional – Relationship Seminar Attendee.

“I attended one of Amit’s coaching workshops and was impressed with his coaching style and questioning techniques. He is keen to grasp and tackle the issues in a frank and effective manner. He does challenge and engage with everyone and ensures optimum results and confidence levels are raised. The role plays and group activities that he does are fun and effective.

I loved the sessions and would happily recommend him to others.”

Hyde Panaser – Comedian

“Positive thought was something I thought was secondary to hard work, but Amit has the ability to make you imagine yourself where you want to be and achieve your goals without pressure. A great listener you can rely on him to guide you in the right direction for a more fulfilling outlook on life! Thanks!”

Tazeen Ghaffar – Sourcing Manager

“I have found Amit’s coaching most helpful in gaining a new and wider perspective in both my professional and personal life, helping to set and achieve goals and objectives. I would recommend Amit to anyone looking to equip themselves to better tackle lifes challenges.”

Hannah G – PA

“At first I was truly very sceptical about getting a coach and then I met Amit who really put me at ease. He put absolutely no pressure on me whatsoever and allowed me the time to think about whether or not to go ahead with the coaching. I also felt really safe because of his money back guarantee.

We started the coaching and I had the 3 sessions over the space of a month. Amit has a very unique way of getting you from where you are to where you want to be. I genuinely didn’t expect to see any changes but over the month so much has changed in my life. I’m so much more positive than I’ve ever been. I really thought I would never achieve the things I wanted but the clarity he gave me made things happen.

Now I’ve met that somebody special. I have a job that I love and I’m feeling fulfilled. I no longer wake up miserable every day knowing that I have to go to a job that I hate. Thank you so much Amit for changing my life in a way I never thought possible!”

Rupa Mak – Accountant

“I believe I had reached that point in life where there were things I wanted to do but didn’t have the courage or confidence to do so or more so I found later on that it was pure laziness. I was stuck in a job for too long which realistically had no career prospects for me and was stuck on the best way to go about looking for another job – a job/career which I wanted!!..i was so bored of everyday life that I wasn’t doing anything about it which in fact was affecting my health (lack of eating properly).

Yes, you do have friends which you can talk to but I found a lot would take pity on you and not really help or guide you in ‘right’ direction. I hadn’t known Amit for long, but I remember he mentioned that he was starting up life coaching. We spoke a few times and I realised that talking to Amit wasn’t just purely dumping my problems on him and waiting for an answer, but more so talking to as a friend. Without realising it, I found myself opening up more to what was worrying me and the tasks Amit used to set me to help me achieve my goals were actually helping me. I got Amit to check my CV and he give me pointers on good interview techniques – I used them, and got myself into gear, spending a few hours each day on finding jobs and going to interviews and even though I was unsuccessful at times, I was much more confident in what I wanted and how I was going to get it.

A month later I get a new job which I thoroughly enjoy, ive made efforts to go out more and meet people, I have a lot more confidence in myself and im eating much more now. People say that a life coach is someone who just tells you what you already know – but in my personal experience my life coach helped me bring out within myself all my good qualities which gave me a lot more confidence. Thank you Amit, your hardwork and dedication is much appreciated and I will always remember the advice you gave me.”

Jean Van Heerden – Carer

“Having being made redundant November 2005 and in really bad debt, my life seemed to go down hill. I no longer had a steady income and just barely making ends meet. Everything seemed to come down all at once. I had no idea when my next income would be. I was so depressed and built walls around me but I managed to get myself up every day to keep going. I would constantly think of taking my own life as it no longer mattered to me. No matter which way I turned I hit an obstacle. I became this angry person and would close myself up and cry.

It was then that I met Amit. He had so much faith in me and he never gave up on talking to me even though in a very firm way, I could understand that, that was his way of showing me he really did care. Amit spoke to me about his Life Coaching which I was more than eager to start.

It is through all his words of wisdom that I have pulled through and feel more confident and successful. He has taught me to handle the hardships holding my head up high. In his Giant but Gentle hands he has lifted me up to look at life differently. Amit, you will reach out to many peoples heart and I want to thank you to ‘lifting me up”

Raj G – British Broadcaster

“Amit is intelligent, generous and full of practical ideas. He has given me invaluable tools and helpful advice.

If you’re looking for a Top Life Coach – I strongly recommend Amit.”