The Law of Attraction. That which is likened to itself is drawn.

The Law Of Attraction

Over the last few months I’ve been listening to, on repeat, on audible, The Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction books. As a reminder, the Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and is simply this; That which is likened to itself, is drawn.

With the law of attraction there are a few very simple things you need to know to apply it effectively for your life.

This summary is for you and I hope will help you on your journey to understand your creative power to manifest and attract all the things you would like for yourself.

What is The Law of Attraction and Our Emotional Guidance System

We are constantly attracting our experience and the only time attraction stops is when we sleep. We attract two things only. What is wanted, and what is unwanted.

But, we are always attracting. We live in an inclusion based Universe. What we give our attention to, is what we create more of in our experience.

Call it attraction, prayer, manifestation, etc. The word you use to describe it doesn’t matter. It’s all just different ways of describing the same process. Some just prefer one type of vernacular over another.

Our objective is to focus as much as possible on what we want, and not what we don’t want.

We have an emotional guidance system that basically tells us if we’re in the vibration of attracting what we do want, Vs what we don’t want.

If you feel good, you’re in the process of attracting what you want. If you feel bad, you’re in the process of attracting what you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction in action

The easy way to explain it is with this example. Lets say you want more money, and you think you’re focussing on creating more wealth in your life, but the thing you’re focussing on is causing you to feel bad, then you are focussed on the lack, or the thing you don’t want.

If you’re want more money and you’re feeling good about the prospect of more money, then you are attracting more money.

It only takes 17 seconds of focussed thought for the attraction process to begin, and 68 seconds for the manifestation process to commence.

Here’s a very simple way to apply it.

When you catch yourself in the act of thinking about what you don’t want, say ‘wonderful, I’ve now come to the awareness of what I don’t want, so what is it I do want?’

To keep your attention on the things wanted, and activate the law of attraction, do this:

  1. What is it I do want?
  2. Why do I want it?
  3. What will it feel like when it arrives?

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking in terms of past, present or future, your vibration will be the same.

A very practical thought process to help you

If you find yourself thinking ‘I wish I had more money’, instead say, ‘I’m looking forward to having more money.’ If you think ‘I wish I was more healthy.’ Think, ‘I’m looking forward to my improved health. I’m looking forward to meeting my soulmate.’ etc.

Appreciation is a higher vibration than gratitude, so what you appreciate, appreciates.

What is the difference between Appreciation and Gratitude? Gratitude for me the conscious thought of being grateful for something in response to it’s opposite. Appreciation is our natural joyous, creation, & divine state of being.

Lastly Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘you’re being materialistic’ for anything you wish to create in your experience. You are living in a material Universe, which you manifested, in order to have a materialistic experience.

You are the Creator, you are Divine, you are God Force.

I truly hope you found this helpful and I just wanted to share, in the most simple way, what the law of attraction is, and how you can very easily apply it to your life.

Over to you, I’d love your thoughts/reactions to this and comments.

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3 Responses

  1. Hey Amit,

    What you water, grows – the statement really sums up law of attraction. I’ve also experience it, whenever I want to achieve something I must believe and fully focus on it and avoid focusing on things which are hindrance to our goal.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Jesus OfNazareth says:

    This is a multi facet topic to concider. If everyone has an idea of that which is desired. When the two or four or ten ideas clash, where is the precedent? Choice is dependent on a total possession of knowing every variable. Informed decisions requires it. Every choice is made in anticipation of the outcome. No choice can be made if in fact there are only perceptions to be considered. Some say you cant force anyone to do anything. What is it then when unknown to you, I wish that you go elsewhere to live. Then I burn your house down ultimately causing you to leave your abode. My point is the only way we can make this life work is to reach a point where everyone and everything becomes as it is in reality, an equal players. Copy right and trademarks are the unevoleded behaviours displayed by animals that can be likened to peeing on a Bush. Everyone in fact will get what they want when we finally do evolve. Peace and love to all reading.

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