6 Things You Have To Know

declutterAfter a week away from blogging, and spending the time cleaning and decluttering my house, here are a few insights I gained that I would like to share with you and I feel would truly benefit you.

It’s amazing what you can learn from a bit of sweeping! 😆

1.Don’t be sedentary.

Move around even if you are working. A sedentary lifestyle will seriously damage your health. I learned this the hard way. I only just realised exactly how harmful being inactive is. Even though I am active, I discovered that I’m not active enough. I personally believe, that being sedentary is more harmful that smoking, drinking and a bad diet combined. Keep moving and also do a variety of movements to work different muscle groups.

2. Need to declutter?

Do it now. Just start and get some help if you need it. I personally feel like the hardest part is knowing where to begin when you’re drowning in stuff. It doesn’t matter where you start, but that you start! When you work with someone you will get things done so much faster. Also, the rewards of decluttering are immense. Start anywhere, get the momentum going and keep pushing forward.

3. Housework is an awesome form of exercise.

You will work all your muscles and plus you get the bonus of a clean and tidy house. When I was clearing recently I had to do a lot of lifting combine with a thorough vacuum. After the week was over, even though it was intense, I actually much stronger and healthier.

4. You do not have sides to your personality.

If you do, you haven’t learned how to integrate yourself and be your authentic self. I say this to you but it’s something I also need to remind myself of constantly. If you feel the need to shield your personality or feel ashamed to show it, then you are not being true to yourself.

5. Understand and get used to being centered.

You are a being with many sides and many persona’s. When you truly understand how to harmonize your being into a centered state you will feel so much more free and alive. It will feel odd at first. Almost like you are having to force yourself to it, but once you get there, you will feel a greater sense of vitality than you have felt in a very long time; I promise you that.

6. Get used to listening to that inner voice.

If in the past you have shut it down, ignored it, not paid any attention to it, now it is more important than ever to start taking that inner voice seriously, when you start listening to it and saying yes to it, you will begin to see amazing things happen.

We all have bad days. When things don’t go well and shit happens that literally makes you want to scream and tear your hair out, it’s at those moments that it’s hardest to remember these trinkets of knowledge. The best way forward is to keep reminding yourself of those pieces of wisdom, and use reminders, so that when things do go your you become unconsciously competent and applying them to your life.

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