Book Launch – How To Be The Chosen One

I’m very excited today to be able to bring you my new ebook – How To Be The Chosen One20 ways of standing out from the crowd.

It’s completely free to download, all I ask is that you subscribe to my blog by clicking the new book icon on the right.

I’ve prepared a short video to explain what the book is about…watch all the way right the way through to the end!

Hope you enjoyed the video! 😉

As I mentioned, this is an incredibly challenging time for all of us. It’s more important now, than ever, that we stand out; that we let our uniqueness do the talking. It was on the news recently about how there are now a record number of young people out of work and that unemployment, in general, is rising.

Now we could all move to China where things are flourishing, or alternately, we could find more innovate ways of being selected. Here’s where my book will come in handy.

If you know of someone, who is struggling to find work, send this link to them. If you know of someone, who’s business hasn’t quite yet taken off. Send this link to them.

It’s for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re going to TV auditions, going for interviews or anything of the like, I hope in some way this book will help you be the one to stand out. I’m always available for one-on-one coaching also but this book is the sum of what I’ve learned while going to auditions, interviews and pitching for clients.

Naturally, I kindly ask that you help me spread the word by tweeting, or stumbling this post or sending it to anyone you know who could really do with some inspiration in a time that’s difficult for all of us.

I’d love any feedback or comments about the book, feel free to leave one below or get in touch using the contact form.

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  1. Gary says:

    Hi Amit
    In order to receive the power of choice one has to subscribe, how do you receive it since I am already subscribed ( besides using another email address)


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Gary, apologies I should have mentioned that I’ll try and send it out to all those subscribed already. I’ll email you a copy now. Thanks for bringing that up.

  2. Rick says:

    Good morning Amit, I have the same question as Gary. I anxiously await your book as I have a 24 year old son who is perfect fit for the type of person you describe as being able to help with this book.


  3. woohoo! looking forward to reading the book

    Please could you email it me too as I’m already subscribing

    thanks Amit bhai 🙂

  4. COngratulations!!!!!!

  5. Kartikey says:

    congratulations old friend!

  6. rob white says:

    Congratulations, Amit. Looking forward to taking a look. Sounds like it will be a wonderful resource and contribution to many folks

  7. Hi Amit

    Wonderful to see that you are doing something to help the most needy. I am going to send this across to The Princes Trust, it will be an absolute Godsend to the many youngsters that need the gems that I know you will have included.

    Many good wishes for its success.


  8. Amit,
    I loved the video! I think the book is going to be a huge success!~

  9. ayo says:

    hello amit
    how are you?
    i fall into the same category as gary. i already subscribed to your blog. could you kindly send me an email with a copy of the book please.
    thanks and enjoy the rest of the day

  10. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey Bro, I’m back! First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your new book. A best seller already no doubt….I want a copy. I’m subscribing to your blog right now, can’t wait to read your work. Love the video outtakes, nice touch : )
    Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! in advance! ; )
    Plenty of on-going happiness and prosperity for eternty from all of us.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan, so very good to hear from you! I was speaking with your Dad yesterday also. I’m so glad I got my butt into gear and finished off the book too.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and likewise to you in prosperity and happiness! Book will be on it’s way shortly! 🙂

  11. Roman Soluk says:

    Well done, Amit! Good job! 😉

  12. Bello A. Marafa says:

    Hello Amit. Im just writin 2 say bravo 2 ur effort 2ward achevin this book. I hope wl b available very soon May God continue 2 bles nd protect u nd give u d ability 2 more. Thank u.

  13. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey bro,

    Finally got round to reading your work. Well where do I begin?! It’s absolutely fantastic. I love the way you have kept things simple, concise and easy to understand. Some authors overuse fancy words and pages of dribble just to make a simple point, you’ve managed to avoid that, making your work open to a wider audience. The addition of humour and real-life examples works very well. The content is very inspiring, especially for a younger crowd who are maybe thinking about what to do with their lives and how to make a mark in such a competitive world. It’s great that your emphasis is on individuality as opposed to flowing with the crowd. “Your uniqueness is your strength”……..Ain’t that the truth! One idea for you, as this is an e-book, how about getting some leaflets printed with information regarding where to download it from for school libraries? I’m not just talking about UK schools. Make it catchy and relevant, email principals and hold seminars with the kids. This would be extremely refreshing for the youth of today.

    Lucky you drew that sunflower back in the day!…Look where it’s taken you : )

    Best of Luck with this bro. “How to be the Chosen One” is a unique and extremely relevant read.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Milan, coming from a great writer that definitely means a lot! You know as well as I that as I look back I think I can do much better so a newer version or sequel is on the horizon and I’ve taken on board all the ideas you’ve suggested. I guess I’m trying out some of those things now so it’ll be good to insert some of the fresh research and results I’m getting.

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