Create And Begin Your New Years Resolutions Now

Ahhhhhh it’s that time of year again! 😀 It’s the beginning of December and not only does that signal that Christmas is coming but that another new year looms over us. For many, that symbolizes a new era, a new beginning, an opportunity to put right some wrongs and make changes to our lives for the better. The trouble is that the “new year” feeling doesn’t seem to last for long and the motivation it once carried evaporates and leaves a trail of disappointment and discontent. The great thing is though there is a solution, a powerful one which I’m about to provide here to help you not only create powerful resolutions but ones that last and ones you can build upon for the future.

A new years resolution is quite simply a choice or a firm decision that you can make and begin to put into action, in the new year, in order to improve the quality of your life. And so with that in mind, here are my 8 simple steps for solidifying your resolutions and making sure you don’t quit after the first couple of days!


1) First and foremost….the Christmas season can bring with it powerful emotions whether that be positive or negative. Use the power of Anchoring to have those powerful and positive feelings to hand at any time you choose. Create powerful anchors so that you can recall those powerful driving emotions at any time.

2) Decide now as early as possible what resolutions you think you will want to do for the new year. Just remember though that you can create, begin and delete resolutions as and when you choose, there is no rule book that says you have to keep them. Remember that if the resolution no longer serves you, discard it and create a new one in it’s place no matter what time of year that may be.

3) Write your resolutions down and keep them somewhere, where you can see them every day. Whether that be in your diary, on post it notes on your wall next to your bed, on your computer as your screen saver…it’s entirely up to you but put them somewhere, where you know you know you will look at them every day.

4) Whether you tell people about your resolutions is entirely up to you. Some people think that if you tell people then they don’t maintain their power and make it harder for you to stick to them. Other people think you should because your friends and the people around you will also act as a reminder for you to stick to your resolutions. It’s totally down to personal preference.

5) If applicable, set a timescale for your resolution. Of course this will be highly dependent on what you’ve chosen your resolution to be. However this can be extremely helpful in making sure that you stick to your resolution. If you resolution is to give up coffee for example, is it just short term for a detox or do you want to give it up for good?

6) Be specific with your resolutions and plan them well. If your goal is to visit the gym 3 times a week then plan that into your schedule so other things do not get in the way. Make sure you allow time for yourself too.

7) You can make as many resolutions as you like but if they are big things for you make sure you only do 1 or 2 or if you doing a small thing you could maybe do 3 or 4 smaller things

8) Don’t just make one resolution for the new year and leave it there. Make sub-resolutions throughout the year. You can do them every week, every month or even every 3 months, as a suggestion though i’d say do it around once every month to keep the momentum of your resolutions going without getting swamped. If you do feel like you are overwhelming yourself, take a step back, slow down and and take a look again at your resolutions and decide which ones best serve you and then discard any others.

And there you have it, the 8 key elements for creating lasting resolutions over the new year period! 🙂 What resolutions do you have planned for the new year?

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  1. Nicky Stevens says:

    Hi Amit,

    Great website, you have been an inspiration, you are very lucky that you can have these thoughts. I envy you as your life must be fantastic. As you seem to be so clued up, I was wondering if you could help me with a situation I find myself in, this is very raw for me at the moment and need some good advice which from reading your blog I think you could give. OK so here goes…. I am very attracted to this man I know as a friend. I think he likes me but am not sure what to do next….after a few drinks one night he came onto me, which I was very happy with….nothing happened sexually but could feel the chemistry between us. I have seen him again socially and again we have finished the evening together. He then asked me on a date, which I accepted… we had a lovely time he was happy all evening, then suddenly he changed completely and made some excuse and left…leaving me not knowing what I should do next? What should I do? I did ask a mutual friend who said he was very emotional and changes from one minute to the next but I think I am falling for him in a big way. please help I feel suicidal, at the thought of losing him as a friend as well as a potential life partner. IF you could help I would really appreciate it. thanks Nicky xxx

  2. Kavikim says:

    Huni…although it dosn’t feel like it, this is a very common thing! Usually it could be because the guy feels so connected to you that he gets scared and backs off, not knowing how to deal with his feelings. If the guy is very emotional then maybe he isjust trying to digest the emotions he is feeling for you…especially if the chemistry is so hightened. The last thought would be that he has genuinly changed his mind about taking your friendship to the next level. But saying that, if the chemistry and vibe was soo strong, i doubt it could be this option. Just give him time to get his act together, and respect the space he needs to organise his emotions…in the mean time, understand what it is YOU feel about him. Is he just a friend, is thier potential, is it just lust, etc etc!
    If you have strong feelings for each other, why rush, just take a step back and reflect! Throughout it all, give him positive thoughts, think positivly about him and pray that if he is lost in this confussion, that angels help him understand it! You obviously care about him greatly, so keep those thoughts alive! Feeling suicidal is not love, and dosn’t show your falling for someone…saying this, is infactuation for someone…that is possession not love! Take your time – you have your whole lives! Good Luck sweetheart! x x x x

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