About Amit Sodha

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Amit Sodha is a UK Dating Coach who helps people all across the globe.

Known as ‘The Love Doctor’ on National Radio, UK Dating Coach Amit, has been on a mission to end to challenge and misery that so many feel in this day and age of modern dating.

“I specialise in help those who struggle with Dating & Relationships find their forever person. If you keep attracting the same ‘type’ or always get ghosted, and you want to break the vicious cycle, you’ve come to the right place.”

Amit has been Transformational Mindset Coach for over 30 years, and a Dating Specialist for 15 of those.

“It all began for me when my dating life was a shambles. I was an expert at being brother, or friend-zoned. I would always end up a in situation where any attraction would always fizzle out.

It made me desperate to figure this thing called ‘dating’. I was beyond puzzled and desperate to know the answers.

So, I went on a journey of having 300 dates over 3 years. I read every single article I could find about dating & relationships. I watched every single video course, digested and consumed any and all books on the subject and gradually, things began to turn around.

Before I knew it, I manifested dates left, right and centre. Suddenly I began to realise there was a method and a science.

I’ve seen the pain being experienced by so many people in regards to dating, and I want to help put and to your suffereing.

Does dating coaching work?

Feel free to read through my testimonials and decide for yourself.

UK Dating Coach Amit is available for coaching all across the globe. He has coached and spoken in front of thousands of people, hosted over hundreds of singles events, and matched thousands along the way resulting in countless success success stories.