How To Rewire Your Brain For Wealth

how to rewire your brain for wealth

I was once poor, in serious debt and most importantly was very depressed about it. Not any more though! I learned what I needed to do and today, and I want to set you on the path of how to rewire your brain for wealth.

Wealth is still one of those topics that can cause so much controversy when talked about in the world of personal development or spirituality.

For some, it’s the root of all evil and for others, wealth can be about liberation for all.

I prefer the latter of the two sides in that I don’t believe wealth is the cause of evil. I believe poor education about wealth plays a huge part which often leads to the belief that it can be evil.

Capital as such is not evil; it is wrong use of it that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed. – Gandhi

There is a big difference between money and wealth. Money is just a single facet of wealth. There are many means to wealth, of which, money is one.

Understanding this distinct difference is very important. I particularly like the way that the comedian, Chris Rock, paints the difference between being rich and being wealthy. He says: “Shaq, is rich, the guy who pays his cheque is wealthy.”

Also, some say it’s easy to attract. A fortunate few are born into it. Others they say all you have to do is follow your dream and it will come. I believe there’s a bit more to it than that.

I’m here today to put a different spin of wealth. I want to help you to rewire your brain about wealth and what it means, especially if money eludes you.

How To Rewire Your Brain For Wealth – Money, Wealth and Beliefs

Take a good look around the world today. Pretty much anything can be taken to the extreme and money is no exception. Money itself can lead to greed and a lack of it can lead to poverty, disease, malnutrition etc.

The first step on how to rewire your brain for wealth is to look at your beliefs. Do you believe money is bad? Do you believe that money is the root of all evil.

Here’s a thought they may help your belief structure: – The lack of wealth is the root of all evil. Lack of money leads to poverty, disease, drugs, escapism, STD’s etc.

Look at your personal beliefs about money too. Do you feel in some way you are not worthy of wealth and money? Would you say you feel like there is a karmic reason or that it’s your fate to be poor? Do you believe you have to learn a learn a lesson from your poverty before you can become wealthy?

If that’s the case it’s no surprise that you’re having trouble attracting money.

It’s hard to imagine a world where wealth is equally divided, and you may not believe it’s even possible, but it’s important to be able to visualise a world where poverty is eradicated and the wealth gap is much narrower.

Talk about the subject of money often. When you talk about the subject you begin to automatically rewire your brain.

In some ways, writing this post is a soliloquy, I’m talking to you but most importantly myself. This conversation is rewiring my brain and hopefully yours too. It’s said in many circles, if you want something, help others achieve it.

Here are some examples of unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about money:

1. Only greedy and selfish people have money.
2. Money is the root of all evil
3. Money changes people (in a bad way)
4. Bankers are evil 😆

Here are some healthier beliefs about money:

1. Money has the capacity to improve the quality of life
2. Money can liberate people from crime and disease
3. With money you can help even more people
4. Everyone, myself included, is entitled to wealth

Studying Money Making Models

Take a close look around you and where the flow of money goes. Whether it be the grand businesses of Apple, Microsoft, or Facebook, or just some small businesses that surround you like a hair dresser or dentist.

I picked the latter two specifically as those are just two of many that struck me as being relatively recession proof. You will always need a hair cut and people will always need a dentist. There are plenty more but if you look at what they do, they tapped a market where there is a need and they fill it. It’s pretty simple.

If you work for a living and it’s your only income then you are will likely be forever dependent on that pay-cheque. What if you could take an existing model, or a new one, and start getting money a different way?

Take a look at different business models and see how they operate. Another model that I’m looking at is dating, and dating websites. They have very little overheads, yet they make a great deal of money.

People will always use the internet to find relationships so it’s a great way to make money. I’ve decided to find a way that people can date, have fun, meet great people, and a way I can make some money too.

There are an infinite number of ways you can supplement your income so start looking at what kinds of businesses make money, look at what kind of model appeals to you, what kind of business that you’d like to run and then just make a start.

Money = Options

In my belief structure, money is not about happiness, but options. I don’t necessarily want to be super rich but I’d like to have a certain amount of money so that I no longer need to worry about it. Bob Proctor said: “It’s amazing how much free time you have when you stop worrying about money.”

He’s absolutely right. I see people all the time who use up all their time and energy worrying about whether they have enough money. It does stop them from enjoying life.

Not only that but I’ve found that not having money prevents me from helping others to the degree that I’d like to help people. When my finances are in a healthy state, I’ve found that I’m much more capable of helping others in various ways because I’m expending less mental energy worrying about small things.

Money is just about having more options.

A Deeper Look At Your Thoughts About Money

Lets say you’ve just come across an extra £100 on top of your usual pay-cheque. Do your thoughts then gravitate towards things like “what will I spend this money on? How long will it last me? What if something happens and I don’t get to keep that money…” and before you know it you have to pay for that parking ticket you weren’t expecting, or for the call out of that plumber.

How about instead of thinking that way, you take that £100 and ask yourself something more creative and fun like: “How can I double that money in 30 days?” or “What investment can I make to maximise my returns on that money? And once you do double it, give half to charity and do the same thing again. Once you’ve achieved something like that once, you’ll be able to replicate it, and increase the scale.

More To Come

The subject of how to rewire your brain for wealth has begun to fascinate me a great deal recently and so this is not the end. I’ll be writing more about this subject in the coming months and I’d love to hear your thoughts about beliefs you’ve held in the past about money; if you changed them and noticed a difference and also business models you adopted that have made you good money.

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    I love your idea that you need to rewire the brain to welcome wealth — so true. I think you need to rewire your whole physiology so that you are able to have the right attitude to create wealth, so action steps you take are more effective.

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