Rewire Your Brain For Wealth – Part 2

Rewire your brain for wealth

If you want to rewire your brain for wealth, then you have come to the right place.

You may want to take a look at part 1 of how to rewire your brain for wealth before reading this.

You’re a bit short of cash and you should be okay so long as you get no unexpected bills. Then, before you know it you a £100 fine drops onto your doormat.

There is one simple reason for that. It’s because you have created an unconscious block to money and wealth. You may have thought “So long as nothing expected comes along” and it’s that kind of habitual thinking which has invited that bill to you. You invited the worst and therefore it came to you.

What we’re going to explore today are the subtle thoughts that creep in which make you haemorrhage money, prevent you from saving and, make you feel like you’re always living on the bread-line month to month.

What was the last thought about money you had? Was it something like “I can’t afford this right now.”? If so it means you’ve developed a bad relationship with money and have created very poor mental habit patterns.

The more you do this and the longer you allow it to go on, the stronger the programming becomes.

The good news there is light at the end of the tunnel. You won’t have to go too far to find stories of people from all walks of life who, over time, turned their situation around and they did it will they were in a mountain of debt.

Rewire Your Brain – Mental Habit Patterns

There are very subtle things to pick up on to understand your thoughts about money. If your situation is such that you take home a monthly wage. If that is your main source of income, then your thinking maybe such that you have developed a cycle of eagerly awaiting your next pay-check. Probably because you run low on cash towards the end of the month.

Expect your cycle to continue unless you change that thought pattern.

The longer you are in that situation you may be accustomed to that that pattern. You get a bulk of money in one go, you don’t plan the money properly and then by the end of the month you’re struggling.

Sound familiar? If so there you’re in the same boat as so many others. The key to changing this is CREATING a new PARADIGM for yourself. You can install new thinking patterns which will shift the results you get.

To rewire your brain it all begins with examining your thoughts and patterns. If the pay-check cycle is something you experience you have to find a way to break it. You can by starting with a simple change to your thinking. This month, when you get paid, visualise having more money left over at the end of the month. I can’t even begin to stress the importance of beginning with something as simple as this.

The next thing you need to start to look at are the other subtle thoughts that may keep invading your brain on a regular basis. If you think you can’t afford something or you keep telling people about how poor you are, you keep reinforcing the same thing over and over again.

Interfere and interrupt those thoughts. If a human being invaded your privacy you would ask them to stop doing so. Do the same with your thoughts, they are uninvited guests, the annoying kind! You can let them stay and annoy you to the point where you get pissed off, or you can take control and tell them where to go. Then replace it with something better.

Every time you entertain one of those thoughts you attract it and multiply it. Once in a while you have to say “screw it, I’m only going to live once, lets spend some money”! When you do, don’t feel guilty about it, know that you you spend something that you have the ability to earn double back.

The Practical Side

To rewire your brain you will have to make small changes to how you handle your money. For example, if you do not save you will have to begin saving. You will have to change the way you value money.

You will need to look at where your money is going and understand where it’s being wasted. Also how you can prevent that waste and keep the money for more important things.

Counting the pennies must become a priority. The more you put it into action you will start to rewire your brain automatically. You can change your thinking around money but unless it’s backed up in your actions it will barely make any difference.

Beliefs – Going A Stage Further

This is something I’ll be going over in much more detail in the next in the series on rewiring your brain but I’ll just start by covering the basics.

If you’re also struggling to attract more to you then the likely hood is very high that you don’t believe you are worth much. Maybe you feel your skills are lacking. Or it could be that your confidence is low because you’ve been in a rut for a while.

When you begin developing new beliefs about money amazing things begin to happen. You can blame the economy as much as you like but I can tell you now that when there’s a downturn in the economy, guaranteed, there are people out there getting rich off it.

There’s plenty of money and opportunities out there and all you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open to them.

Have you turned your financial situation around? If so I’d love to hear from you and use you as a case study for this series. How did you do it?

Perhaps you think wealth will come at the sacrifice of something else in your life like friend, or a social life.

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