Rewire Your Brain For Wealth – My New Ebook

asodha3dOver the last two years I’ve written several articles on expanding and rewiring your brain for wealth. I realised I had a lot to say on the subject; more than I realised. Then, I decided to take it a step further, and turn all those articles into a book.

The book is not just the articles mashed together, but a complete expansion on the topic based on all my own experiences, and everything I’ve learned over the past few years from looking deeply at the subject.

I wrote the articles not only to help others, but to solidify in myself the things I had learned; to implant them in my psyche and to put them into practise.

It seems to be working quite well.

Just in the last few days alone, I’ve been given a pay rise; I bought my first ‘business class’ ticket, for a trip; I’m in the process of buying a new macbook for myself so I can increase my productivity and efficiency; I’ve been finding money in odd places, and things have really turned a corner for me.

All of this began happening when I began applying everything I had learned.

I’ve spent many hours on this book and turning it into a simple manual that anyone can put into action immediately.

As I mention in the book, I’m not super rich in any way. My authority comes from having studied this subject in depth over the last couple of years because it was always an area I struggled with. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and as it currently stands I am going from strength to strength.

I used to read plenty of books on the subject of wealth, but all to often, I would read those books and feel both inspired, and helpless, at the same time. I was too far from any of the things they were discussing like investments, property, bonds etc. At one stage I barely had enough money to keep myself going for a month, let alone having anything extra to put towards investing.

In fact my situation was much more bleak than that; it was awful!

Somehow I’ve managed to turn it around to the point where I do now have options. Never at any point in the past did I fathom that I would be able to purchase a business class seat or even buy myself something simple like a new Mac-Book Pro. Those are all possibilities for me now and the next stage for me is to look at investments/property etc and expand my portfolio.

My hope is for this book to become a kind of guide for people to help them in the same way that the knowledge helped me. To help you take the first steps to reach the next level so that you can go on and do incredible things like, invest in property, educate yourself, and to ultimately put some of that money towards helping others.

How much is this wonderful book I hear you ask?


Yes, it’s completely FREE and also COPYRIGHT FREE. Yes, you can download it and share as much as you like.

Maybe it’s not worth anything you might ask? Well, I definitely wouldn’t say that. I could sell the book on kindle if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to take that option just yet. I have other books on the way and at a later stage I will be putting them in on-line book stores to sell.

I took the decision to give this away free because I know how distressing financial strife can be. I know the pain and suffering associated with that and I genuinely hate it when I see other people go through the same thing.

Maybe you need to go through it but, we could all do with a little bit of help, and so I hope it helps you.

I’ll be sending a copy out to all my current subscribers soon (I’ll let you know how you can download it) and I’ll also be making it available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to the blog too.

If you wish to give me any kind of feedback then I always welcome it and am also here to answer any questions you might have if you’re going through a financially challenging time right now.

The book is primarily in two sections. The first is to do with wealth psychology and the second part has some very practical tips with how to regain control of your money and wealth.

So, enjoy, put the principles in practise and share if you enjoy. Here’s to rewiring your brain for wealth and to living a life of prosperity.

UPDATE:  The book is now available on Kindle and you can get it here –

4 Responses

  1. Congratulations bro!
    I’ve read snippets of this, so I know how life-changing it is.
    All the best on your new venture.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan,

      Thank you so much bro – I really appreciate all the feedback and support. I’ve made some amendents to the book and hope to release the final copy by next week 🙂

      Speak to you very soon!


  2. Reena says:

    I am looking for the new E-book on improving finances as this is something I am learning.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Reena,

      Of course, I have a few changes to make to the book this weekend and then I’ll send you a copy directly to your email. 🙂

      I really and truly hope you enjoy it and find something within that helps you.


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