100 Days of Wisdom…Day 22

Teamwork demonstrated.

Today, I was doing voluntary work at a school. I was doing team building exercises with the students. Their task was to solve a puzzle by making a complete square out of the random shaped puzzle pieces that were given to them.

Out of the 24 groups or so that I worked with today, only 3 managed to solve the puzzle. I noticed something very interesting about the groups that did mange to complete it. The groups that did solve the puzzle, every member of the team participated in the task 100% and as a result, they managed to solve it! All the other groups, had one or two stragglers that created a drag coefficient on the rest of their team mates which meant they didn’t have the resources or the power of as many minds to solve the puzzle.

So, the question is do you straggle? Or do you give 100% to your team various teams in life?

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