100 Days of Wisdom…Day 24

An SOS (Simple Obvious Strategy) to increase our love for ourselves and others

Even modern science tells that every atom in the universe is more intricately connected than we will ever probably be able to understand. And who knows, whatever the physical represents, maybe it has it’s metaphysical counterpart?!

It is with this in mind that whenever I see a stranger, or I meet someone for the first time, while still going through the usual motions of the meet and greet, internally I say to myself “HELLO ME!” This is because the person in front of me are intricately connected, we are made of the same stuff, we came from the same soup, we were manifested by the same great universal force, they and I are part of the same universal body!

This always reminds me to treat them exactly as I would treat myself in an counter, i.e., with love, honesty courtesy, and respect.

So in reality, anyone you meet, you are in fact, just meeting another part of yourself. 🙂

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