100 Days of Wisdom…Day 41

What’s right Vs What works.

I’ve been in many situations in the past where people have tried to convince me that their method of doing something is right. I’m all for learning new methods and techniques but I’m less concerened with what is right as opposed to what acutally works when put to the test.

E.g. If someone has said to me that their method of task prioritisation is the most effective way, I’ll ask them to demonstrate and then I’ll also try it for myself. Or someone might try and convince me that their way of meditating is the best way or the only right way to meditate!

Trying to force your ideas onto people is never a good strategy for getting them to take note of your methods. Usually great ideas speak for themselves but you have to share them in some way. So instead of trying to convince, just learn to share the idea economically rather than trying to stamp the idea on the other persons forehead. If it’s something they’re truly interested in, they will ask questions, but if they’re not interested, not only have you conserved energy, but you may still have a friend at the end! It’s a win win strategy! 😛

I understand how people can get a bit too excited that their methods are superior but allow people the chance to find out for themselves what actually works for them. We’re all different and we have our preferences, so what works for you may not necessarily work for everyone!

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