100 Days of Wisdom…Day 47

Focus on one thing per day!

On a typical day you might be tempted to focus your energy and attention on several aspects of your life and personal development. But what might happen is that you may end up putting a strain on your mental resources because of you’ll shift from one area like your health, then suddenly move to your finances, then jump to your studies etc. This can be truly exhausting.

When you wake up in the morning, make a firm decision about what area you would like to focus on. Lets say that you choose to focus on your health, then stick to that and that only. Choose your affirmations or meditations accordingly and when you’re filling your moments of quiet time while riding the bus, you almost have a mini plan and hence your thinking will be much clearer.

Vary it from day to day, spending too long on one area will eventually make you bored. It’s like exercising, you change your activity to get some variety. Do the same for your internal training and you’ll find that clarity will and focus will reach new highs.

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