100 Days of Wisdom…Day 54

Virtually anything can become a spiritual act or a meditation when you embed 3 things into your consciousness. It could be singing, dancing, rapping, climbing, golf, tennis, painting, writing, driving, playing, sex, bathing, yes, absolutely anything at all!! All you have to do is practise these 3 mantras converting them into an inner dialogue or script that gives you some fire in your belly! They are:

1) Remember that you have a wonderful gift, a body through which to experience and perform action through so that may experience emotion and action. You were given the gift of your 5 senses so that you could process, colour, contrast, smells, tastes, make tactile contact, make love or scream according to whatever emotion you choose to experience!

2) Whatever it is that you’re doing, when done in a powerful frame of mind, can enhance not only your experience, but your result too. The stronger and more focused your level of thinking will assist in giving you the greatest result. I was reminded recently of a strength test you can do whilst varying your state of mind. You will always find that you will be stronger while in a positive state than when you’re stressed or feeling low.

3) No matter the activity, think of it as “my time to grow”. It’s important to have fun but the fun expires quickly unless you’re learning and growing. So consciously tell the unconscious that through this activity you will now get better and have fun whilst learning. This act is spiritual because it is contributing to my spirit becoming immersed in the experience of now. It is in the now that truly pleasure lies.

Remember to try different things too. There is never any harm in trying something new and more than likely you going to make new friends and discover something about yourself that you never knew! 😉

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