100 Days of Wisdom…Day 57

I’ve heard many of the most well known Personal Development Coaches say that would never watch the same movie twice, they would say: “get a life!”

But to be honest, I truly think they’re they ones missing out. In the same way that life is filled with repetition, you get the true pleasure in learning to see the same things in a new way! For me, the second time I watch a movie I always find it much more enjoyable. If I truly love a movie and decide to watch it more than twice, every time I watch it I get something new from the movie, a new lesson or a new way of seeing life!

No matter what the worlds top Coaches say, I say to you that if you choose to watch a movie more than twice because you love it, more power to you! In fact, you have learned the secret of seeing it with a whole new set of eyes, something many people never have the privilege of experiencing. 😉

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